Warning: Email Phishing Scam

It has been reported that some users have received a billing email similar to one sent from RealTracs (below).  You can spot the scam by the four asterisks (****) in the credit card information. Do not click any links and delete this email immediately.


There are three important things to understand regarding this email:

  1. The billing system was NOT compromised and all account and payment information is secure.
  2. If you received multiple payment confirmation emails you were not double charged by RealTracs.
  3. This was a phishing email which is an attempt to gain your personal information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity – RealTracs, in this case.

To ensure you keep yourself safe, you can view your billing information in the Billing section in

Questions? Be sure to contact the Support Desk via on online chat, email, or phone.



Have you seen the email below that appears to be from RealTracs?  If it is in your inbox you should DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!  If you already responded or provided sensitive information, be sure to change your RealTracs password.

RealTracs will never send you an email regarding login notices or ask for personally identifiable information.

If you are unsure the email really came from RealTracs, call our HelpDesk and ask.

The RealTracs technical support staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The quickest way to reach a technician is via an Online Chat.  To start a chat, click the button from the top of

You can also call 615-385-0777 or send an email to

Stay safe out there!


IMPORTANT: Potential Predator Texting Area REALTORS®

BEWARE! We have an active dialogue with a person we believe to be a predator – if this number contacts you 615-983-7940 please let me know and save any text messages you receive – ALSO 615-992-7613 has been sending similar text messages – Both perpetrators have said they “are just now back in town”

This previous statement is a warning from a local REALTOR®, and a police report has been filed.  The full comments from other REALTORS® are below – these are simply screenshots taken from Facebook at about 9:15 am Thursday morning – you can click on each to view.

For the most recent updates, you should visit the Facebook group “All Things REALTOR – Central Tennessee“.  Also, additional safety resources can be found at’s REALTOR Safety Page.

RealTracs would like to remind everyone to use the utmost caution when working with unknown individuals, and to follow the safety steps outlined here.


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