RealTracs Mobile Enhancements

The kids have practice.
What’s for dinner?
Help with homework.
Remember to call clients.

Does this schedule look familiar? With today’s hot market and your personal schedule busier than ever, who has time to sit down at the computer? You’re on the go and need information on the go, too.

We get it. That’s why RealTracs mobile provides you with MLS in the palm of your hand. And it’s continuously getting better with more features added regularly.

Need to call another agent about a property you are viewing? Just click on their contact information in the full report. Want to share a property CMA with your client? Do it from RealTracs mobile quickly. What’s for sale in the area? A “Near Me” search will tell you.

Recent Updates

There’s more! Now you can view and manage your listings:

  • Easily view all of your listings from your phone – even the ones you co-list.
  • Manage your listings with mobile-friendly features. As add/edit is being redesigned more tools will be added!
  • Make listing status updates with the new Change Status.
  • Coming Soon: Make quick edits to price, expiration date, public remarks, and private remarks.

You can also find quick links to CRS Tax and the RealTracs support site!

Check it Out!

If you haven’t visited the RealTracs mobile site recently, give it a test drive today by logging into from your favorite mobile device.

Let us know what you think at!

Several Big Features Added to Mobile RealTracs

RealTracs is dedicated to making your experience on the MLS system the absolute best it can be, and the latest updates and improvements will make your time on RealTracs mobile better than ever!  There is a new “Near Me Search” so you can check what’s for sale in your vicinity, a new way to browse the map for listings, an easy to use CMA tool, and more!

Near Me Search


Need to check what’s for sale in your vicinity?  Easy!  Simply enter the criteria of what you want to look for (price, bedrooms, etc.), tap the blue arrow to set your location and then the blue Search button at the bottom.

RealTracs’ mobile site will find all the listings around you that match.  Search for “Near Me” listings by price, property status, beds or baths, and much more.  You can even search for open houses close by!


Browsing the Map

You found some listings, now what?  Plenty!  Need to see what else is in the immediate area?  Drag the map or “pinch”  the map to zoom in or out, and listings will appear on the map as it moves on your screen.  You can also change the layer of the map to a satellite view which displays county names and borders – all with a tap!

Preview the details of any listing by tapping the corresponding marker.  Need the full details?  Click the listing image for more information.  Tap the Grid button at the top of the screen to display a list of all the properties shown on the map.

Mobile CMA

For starters, the CMA layout is mobile friendly with improved readability.  By tapping the more button (…) in the upper right corner, you can either share the listings you pulled or create, view, and print a CMA! If you need to narrow down the selections, choose what you want in the Grid view by checking the listings and running the CMA again.   It’s really that easy!

Ready to customize and share the information?  You have options there as well.  Just tap the gear icon to enter your client’s information and property details.  Add any comments you want, and click OK to save.  You can then send the CMA to a printer by tapping the print icon.

Using a Wildcard to Search

The wildcard (%) is back and available when searching for street names andIMG_BA85F4D1E20B-1 subdivisions.  Use the “%” to replace something such as abbreviations to start the street name.

For example, you are looking for highway 96 and don’t know if “highway” is abbreviated or spelled out search %96, and pull the listings regardless of how “highway” is entered.  Looking for Mt. Zion?  Search %Zion.  What about N. Main St?  Enter you search as N%Main to find listings with N., North, or any other iteration of “north”.

The same rules apply to the subdivision field for whatever it is you are searching for.



What Good Are New Features if You Can’t Use Them?

We never want that to be the case, and RealTracs has multiple ways for you to get help when you need it.  Live training is offered almost every day at area REALTOR Associations and at the RealTracs office.

Classes cover everything from the mobile website, the CRS Tax system, to instruction on how to enter and manage your listings in RealTracs.  Our stellar training team of Bobbi Jo, Donna, JoAnn, Liz, and Kymberly are the best in the industry and a great resource for you.  Trust us, we aren’t just saying that.

They are that good!

To register for a class, click Class Schedule from the Help option in  Classes are organized by the type of class or location, depending on what you select.

We understand you are busy and might not have time to attend a class right now.  That’s ok.  We have a solution for you too!  The RealTracs Help Desk is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  You can get in contact with a technician via an easy online chat, by phone, or via email at

Why Mobile is Better Than Ever

In a speech to an admiring crowd, Abraham Lincoln once remarked, “The key to real estate success is staying up to date on your smartphone.”  OK, OK, he really didn’t say that, but we would not have disagreed with him if he did.

However, we are going to say this: if you haven’t been on mobile recently, you are missing out on a great tool!  Below are four great features that will make your mobile RealTracs experience the best it has ever been.

Do you see a mobile feature missing you would like added?  Send an email to because we are adding new upgrades on a regular basis, and your feedback is always charted and reviewed for what could come next.

Updating Your Profilemw1

You can now update your profile photo, contact information, social media links, and your email signature – everything you can do in the full MLS site – on your mobile profile. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select My Profile to access and update your profile today!


mw2Basic & Advanced Search

Use a basic search when you are searching across broad categories, or use the advanced search to drill down into the details, such as schools, stories, lot size and much, much more. You can search for open houses also. The choice is yours!




Search Results Map Viewmw4

A new interactive map view is at your disposal when you search for listings. When you see a listing you like, click the price, and a thumbnail will display. Click the photo to view the property details.

If you would rather view the list of properties in a photo grid, you can do that too. Simply click Grid at the top to switch views. Review your search results the way you want to see them!



mw3Share Listings Quickly

Let’s say you are searching for homes with your client and want to share what you found. No problem! Click the share button, and you can select whether you want to share a list of Agent Reports or Buyer Reports.  Clicking either button will copy a link to your phone’s clipboard which gives you the ability to paste and share it via text or email. Need to send new information in a hurry?  Done.




Give mobile a test drive today and tell us what you think! Want to get into all of the details even further?  Need help with some of the features?  You’re in luck! Sign up now to attend one of our RealTracs Mobile Workshops and earn an hour of continuing education credit while you are there. Register at today by clicking Class Schedule from the Help drop-down menu.

Additional Fixes and Features Added to RealTracs Mobile MLS Website

The latest updates and enhancements to the RealTracs Mobile MLS Website went live Wednesday November 9th.

The RealTracs help desk staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm to answer any questions you might have about the newly added features to the mobile website or anything else in RealTracs 3.0.  They can be reached at 615-385-0777 or via email at

Updates on

  • The main menu has been combined with the Search menu to bring the most important features forward.  Now the Nearby Me, Street/Subdivision, MLS #, Quick, Open House and Archive Search are available immediately following a successful login.
  • The Detail View is now a continuous vertical scroll.
  • You can now navigate through the Detail Listing results via a Previous and Next button
  • The last county you searched is now remembered upon login for all searches.
  • County is no longer required to Search.
  • A Selection checkbox has been added to the detail view of each listing for use in creating a CMA and sharing multiple listings.
  • Garage and Bedroom Main fields have been added to the Detail View.
  • A “Get Agent Full Report” button has been added to the Detail View.
  • Virtual Tours and Links have been added after the Documents section.
  • A “Get Driving Directions” feature has been added to the bottom of the Detail view.  This feature launches your phones native map application and gets directions based on your current location.

New Home Search Features in Homesnap

We are excited to announce a number of enhanced search features in Homesnap! These enhancements launched this week for iOS and Android users, making Homesnap an even more powerful tool for finding the perfect home.

1. Homesnap now tallies local listings and uses clusters to show you how many homes are for sale in an area. You can see individual listings by tapping on a cluster circle or zooming in.

2. The main map in Homesnap now shows property lines – you don’t have to click into the individual listings to view property boundaries.


3. The list view of homes in Homesnap is now more dynamic. Swipe right on a home’s main image to message, share or favorite it, or swipe left to scroll through all available photos.

4. It’s now even easier to look at local schools in the map view or through the search function. Then you can narrow your home searches to a particular school attendance zone and filter further by home-specific details.


5. Search for open houses scheduled in the area you’re interested in. They will appear on the map view as purple pins with an orange dot. To see them, click “Filter,” then change the status to “Agent Open” and select a date.

Happy home searching!

SentriLock Releases New Mobile App

What is SentriSmart?

SentriSmart is a mobile application, allowing access to a lockbox key compartment with the use of a mobile access code instead of a  SentriCard. Benefits of using the SentriSmart mobile application include: automatic
listing assignments, instant showing notifications and  SentriCard renewal codes for access with your  SentriCard in out-of-service areas.


In order to install the SentriSmart application on your device, the device will need to meet ONE of the following requirements: Apple iPhone or iPad (iOS 6 or higher) Android Device (Android 2.3 or higher)

Generating A Code:

1. Upon first use of the application, you will need to register your device by entering your SentriLock ID and password. You will use the same ID and password you would use to login to the SentriLock Web Site or the SentriCard Utility.

2. SentriSmart uses your current location to display properties listed for sale in your
area. Simply select the listing that you want access to, from the list provided.

Note: It is important to make sure your device’s location services have been enabled. You must enable location services to use the Properties list feature.

In the Properties list, you will see an access indicator next to each listing. Tapping an access indicator next to a listing presents you with more detailed information about that listing. The following is a description of each access indicator:

Green-SentriSmart will give you a mobile access code for this listing (the listing is assigned to a lockbox and you can access it).

Yellow-SentriSmart may give you a mobile access code to this listing (the listing is either not assigned to a lockbox or the lockbox requires a call before showing code)

Red-SentriSmart will not give you a mobile access code for this listing (the listing is assigned to a lockbox that is either
customized for another region or inaccessible at this time .

 3. After selecting a listing address, the application will prompt you to enter your PIN and any other required information. Then, tap the Get Access Code button.

Note: If a property is not displayed on the list, enter the lockbox serial number and tap the Get Access Code button.

4. Your mobile access code will be displayed along with instructions for use.

Need some assistance with the app? Sentrilock technical support is available seven days a week from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm central time.  You can also view an informational flyer from Point2 by clicking here.

Tips For Taking Listing Photos With an iPhone


With the ever increasing quality of mobile phone imaging available, more and more listing agents utilize iPhones for snapping off listing photos for insertion into the MLS.

Sometimes, when images taken on a mobile Apple device (iPhone or iPad) are uploaded to the system, they are orientated on their side or are upside down – if this is the case, odds are they were taken with an iPhone or iPad using iOS5 or newer.

Because the mobile device and some media viewers on your computer show the images in the correct orientation, you might assume the MLS system has in some way manipulated the image.  This is not the result of a system modification of the image, but rather a small and easily fixed quirk of the device itself.

The way to prevent this from happening is fairly simple; when taking pictures, depending on if you’re taking a “portrait” or “landscape” image, make sure the home button is either on the bottom or to the right respectively.   If you take a landscape image, with device held horizontally, and the home button is to the left, near your left hand, this will result in a wrong side up photo – the volume buttons should be facing the ground for the correct orientation.

If you’ve already taken the images, your only recourse is to edit the
images to reorient them, save them on your computer, then re-upload the photos to the listing.

Editing the existing photos can be tricky too, as certain photo editors will show you the image in the correct orientation. The easiest fix for this is to change the
orientation on purpose, clicking whatever button makes the image turn around. Do this until the
image is back to the correct orientation – then save it.