The New SentriKey Real Estate App is Now Available

The app is an updated version of the SentriSmart mobile app, and it features a new look, clearer prompts, and an action-based layout so you can perform key tasks in just seconds. You can download it now at Google Play or the App Store, or just go to the new icon on your phone to get started if your device is set for automatic updates.

Now, with just a few clicks in the app, you can easily:

  • Open the key compartment
  • Remove the shackle
  • Find, sort and review access reports
  • Grant secure temporary access

And much more!

Android users will be delighted that the app features enhanced Bluetooth technology to improve Android connectivity.

Check out SentriLock’s webinar video that provides a quick overview of the new app and its enhanced features. You can also review their iOS User Guide or Android User Guide for more information.

Big Updates to the SentriSmart App

SentriLock has released an update to the SentriSmart® app that was made available May 29th, 2018.  The two new features include:

  1. Touch ID and Facial Recognition
  2. Agent Safety

Touch ID and Facial Recognition


Android and iPhone users will now have the ability to set up Touch ID and Facial Recognition to quickly and easily access your most used functions. You are able to use the new recognition feature in place of your PIN to help you be more efficient.




Agent Safety Feature


You can also use the new touch ID with the agent safety feature.  When using SentriSmart®  to open a Lockbox, the Agent Safety Feature will launch. This feature will automatically alert your designated emergency contacts when you do not or cannot confirm you are safe.




Once you’ve downloaded the newest version of our app,  opt-in to activate this feature.  To manually turn on the agent safety feature, take the following steps:

To learn more about SentriLock’s mobile app features, click here.

Unsure about a feature?  SentriLock has resources to help you out!

Want to learn more about SentriLock’s newest features? Visit the SentriLock Help Page for detailed how-to’s, feature videos and additional tips.

Updates to SentriLock & SentriSmart


The non-Bluetooth Shackle Release is now available on Gen I and Gen II lockboxes, both non-wireless and wireless NXT SentriLocks, and the new Bluetooth enabled SentriLocks.

By using the SentriSmart mobile application, you can release the shackle on all SentriLocks using a Mobile Shackle Release Code.

This function requires the most recent version of SentriSmart, which is available now.

For instructions on how to use the non-Bluetooth Shackle Release, visit www.SentriLock.com or call Sentrilock Support at 1-877-736-8745.


Contractor Code Function Added to the SentriLock Lockbox System

The RealTracs Board of Directors recently approved the addition of Contractor Codes to the SentriLock Lockbox system. Answers to frequently asked questions are below – if you have any technical concerns while setting up contractor codes on your lockboxes, please contact SentriLock technical support at
1-877-736-8745 or visit www.support.sentrilock.com.

What are Contractor Codes?
Contractor codes allow electricians, plumbers, and others to access the lockbox. Due to the permanence of contractor codes, they should only be given to those you trust, as those individuals will have unlimited access to the lockbox until the lock is removed. Additionally, you should check with your principal broker for any active policies regarding the use of Contractor Codes.

How Do I Turn On Contractor Mode Within My Online SentriLock Account?

  1. Renew SentriCard in the Card Reader at the computer regardless if SentriCard is expired or not.
  2. Stick SentriCard in all lockboxes you wish Contractor Codes to be enabled on. This can be for some or all of your lockbox inventory.
  3. Renew SentriCard in the Card Reader at the computer.

Please note: You must first enable Contractor Mode in order to activate the code.

How Do I Enable Contractor Codes on a Lockbox?

  1. Release the shackle of the lockbox and make sure the lockbox is hanging on the property where you want it to be. Push the shackle back into the lockbox.
  2. Reinsert SentriCard into lockbox
  3. Type PIN + ENT
  4. Press FUNC. + 61 + ENT to enable contractor codes.
  5. READY Light should appear when completed correctly.

* Once the shackle is released, the lockbox will automatically revert to default lockbox settings and Contractor Mode will automatically be disabled on the lockbox. You will have to re-enable the code, using the steps outlined in How Do I Enable Contractor Codes on a Lockbox, once the lockbox is hanging on the property.

How do I know where to find the contractor codes to give out?

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Log into https://lb.sentrilock.com/lbs/index/
  2. Use your SentriLock ID and Password to Login
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on the tab Default Lockbox Settings
  5. Your Contractor Codes will appear on that page.

SentriLock Releases New Mobile App

What is SentriSmart?

SentriSmart is a mobile application, allowing access to a lockbox key compartment with the use of a mobile access code instead of a  SentriCard. Benefits of using the SentriSmart mobile application include: automatic
listing assignments, instant showing notifications and  SentriCard renewal codes for access with your  SentriCard in out-of-service areas.


In order to install the SentriSmart application on your device, the device will need to meet ONE of the following requirements: Apple iPhone or iPad (iOS 6 or higher) Android Device (Android 2.3 or higher)

Generating A Code:

1. Upon first use of the application, you will need to register your device by entering your SentriLock ID and password. You will use the same ID and password you would use to login to the SentriLock Web Site or the SentriCard Utility.

2. SentriSmart uses your current location to display properties listed for sale in your
area. Simply select the listing that you want access to, from the list provided.

Note: It is important to make sure your device’s location services have been enabled. You must enable location services to use the Properties list feature.

In the Properties list, you will see an access indicator next to each listing. Tapping an access indicator next to a listing presents you with more detailed information about that listing. The following is a description of each access indicator:

Green-SentriSmart will give you a mobile access code for this listing (the listing is assigned to a lockbox and you can access it).

Yellow-SentriSmart may give you a mobile access code to this listing (the listing is either not assigned to a lockbox or the lockbox requires a call before showing code)

Red-SentriSmart will not give you a mobile access code for this listing (the listing is assigned to a lockbox that is either
customized for another region or inaccessible at this time .

 3. After selecting a listing address, the application will prompt you to enter your PIN and any other required information. Then, tap the Get Access Code button.

Note: If a property is not displayed on the list, enter the lockbox serial number and tap the Get Access Code button.

4. Your mobile access code will be displayed along with instructions for use.

Need some assistance with the app? Sentrilock technical support is available seven days a week from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm central time.  You can also view an informational flyer from Point2 by clicking here.