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Instant Auto-Notification is HERE!

Instant gratification?  Good.  Instant coffee?  Bad.
Instant listing notification? GREAT!

shutterstock_1059073073That’s right!  RealTracs has upgraded the Auto-Notification system from hourly to INSTANT notification.  The market moves fast, and now you can run right along with it.

OK, after you finish celebrating the news, there is one essential thing to remember with instant notifications.

Emails are sent immediately after a listing is saved as Active-Showing, so it is crucial you get all the details of your listing correct such as accurate listing information, photos, and documents.

Here’s a helpful tip: Save your listing first as Incomplete after it is entirely ready to go.  This ensures you can review and edit the details before saving as Active.

Other Auto-Notify details:

  • The Morning option runs at 5:00 a.m.
  • The Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon notification options were combined and are now the Afternoon notification option which will run at noon.
  • The Evening notification option runs at 6:00 p.m.
  • Multiple Selections are permitted for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening notification options only
  • Instant notification will be sent with New and Back to Active Listings, Price Changes, and Status Changes.


Did you know?

10% of listings are edited in the first five minutes after going Active-Showing, and 20% receive edits in the first hour!  Be sure to double and triple check that all listing information is accurate before saving as Active!