A New Add/Edit System is Coming

We’re Redecorating Add/Edit Inside and Out
 With a New, More Modern Look and Functionality!

If you are a broker, agent, office-staff person, or personal assistant, and entering listings is part of your daily grind, then you are no stranger to the system updates RealTracs has recently released.

We know you have been asking, and it has been a long time coming, but your wait is about to end.  In response to your feedback and as part of our continuing effort to make adding listings to the MLS as easy as possible – and mobile-friendly – we are rolling out the first piece of a shiny and new add/edit system, appropriately called, Add Listing.

As shown below, the new Add New Listing page (yay!) is replacing the existing add listing page (boo!).   The old add/edit system has been a trooper for many years, but it’s time to send it into retirement and replace it with an entirely new experience.


Here are some of the differences you will notice:

  • Completely fresh and mobile-friendly look and feel
  • Address lookup assistance
  • Tax ID search improvements
  • Wait, did we mention it’s mobile-friendly and not old and crusty?

You can expect to see additional pieces of the new mobile-friendly add/edit system added over the coming weeks and months.

Give it a test drive and let us know what you think!

Getting the Most Out of the SentriKey App

The new SentriKeyTM Real Estate app features a simple design and action-based layout that helps you get things done quickly.

Visit the SentriLock video page for a collection of short tutorials on how to perform key tasks with the app.

Learn how to:

For more information, call the SentriLock Customer Service Team at 877-736-8745, or visit their website at sentrilock.com.

Closing in on Client Portal

This summer has been a busy season behind the scenes for the RealTracs development team as they continue our work on a RealTracs Client Portal. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see some significant updates coming to Auto Notify. Below is a sneak peek of what’s coming up!

Full Result Set Available for Auto Notify Contacts

If a contact is receiving automatic notifications for new listings, (s)he will now have the ability to view other results that were previously sent. After clicking through the email links, the contact will have the ability to ‘View All Results,’ and see all Auto Notify results that were previously shared. NOTE: This feature will not be immediately available for listings that are Manually Shared from Auto Notify.

View an Activity Feed for Each Result

Each Auto Notify Result will have an Activity Feed, showing the history of that listing in your Auto Notify. The Activity Feed will include the following information for each listing:

    • When the listing was first added to this Auto Notify
    • When it was automatically emailed
    • When it was Saved (starred)
    • When it was manually emailed
    • When and why it was updated (Price, Status, Listing Update, etc.)

Activity History

Highlight New Listings

Each time a listing is added or updated in you Auto Notify Results, it will appear highlighted, similar to an email inbox. You will have the option to mark items as Seen or keep them highlighted (Unseen) to review later. Viewing the listing report will automatically mark it as Seen.


An Easier Way to Schedule an Open House

The Open House Manager is getting a makeover, and we think you are going to love the new setup.  A cleaner and easier-to-use interface is just part of the improvements.

  • Choose between Public and Realtor Open House types
  • Set if you would like the open house to be a weekly recurring event
  • Select your start and end time with easy-to-use dropdown


Here’s how:

  1. Select Open House from the available options for the listing you wish to set up.OH-create
  2. Choose your open house type (Public or Realtor), the time it will be held, and add any comments.  If the open house is a recurring event, e.g. a model home, check Recurs Weekly. Click Save to schedule your Open House.
  3. Scheduled Open Houses will appear in the Open Houses section of Manage Listings.  Select More Options () to either edit the details of your Open House or cancel it altogether.OH-manage

Users can search for upcoming open houses as well as viewing details in the top section of the full report.2019-07-15_16-06-01

Clicking More Info displays the information below:

Questions about the new mobile-friendly Open House Manager?  Be sure to contact our Support staff via an online chat, email, or by phone.

The New SentriKey Real Estate App is Now Available

The app is an updated version of the SentriSmart mobile app, and it features a new look, clearer prompts, and an action-based layout so you can perform key tasks in just seconds. You can download it now at Google Play or the App Store, or just go to the new icon on your phone to get started if your device is set for automatic updates.

Now, with just a few clicks in the app, you can easily:

  • Open the key compartment
  • Remove the shackle
  • Find, sort and review access reports
  • Grant secure temporary access

And much more!

Android users will be delighted that the app features enhanced Bluetooth technology to improve Android connectivity.

Check out SentriLock’s webinar video that provides a quick overview of the new app and its enhanced features. You can also review their iOS User Guide or Android User Guide for more information.

Rules for Virtually Staged MLS Photos

RealTracs has recently updated its Rules and Regulations to address the approved usage of virtually staged photos. Check out the revised Rule 2.7 below to learn the do’s and don’ts to successfully using virtually staged photos within the MLS.

2.7 Listing Media Requirements. The primary purpose of photographs, sketches, diagrams, and other media submitted to RealTracs, Inc. is to convey a visual representation of the property listed to other Participants and their clients and customers.  The primary subject matter, therefore, must be the listed property.

a) Submitting images for company or agent advertising is prohibited. “For sale” signs incidental to the listing are acceptable.

b) Digitally altering images to include overlays of other images, text, photos, or logos is prohibited.

c) Digitally altering images that change the accuracy of the actual listing’s depiction or representation is prohibited. The use of “virtually staged photos” is permitted so long as the images are not deceptive to potential buyers.

  1. A “virtually staged photo” means an image that has been altered with editing software to create a conceptual rendering of what a room and/or the property might look like if it were physically staged or lived in.
  2. All virtually staged images must be designated as such in the media remarks.
  3. Except for To-Be-Built and Under Construction listings, an image of the existing room or property in its current state must be included immediately before or immediately after the virtually staged image. In other words, “before” and “after” images must be included and disclosed.
  4. Virtually staged photos may include personal property items not conveyed with the real property. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Applying digital photos edits of furniture, mirrors, artwork, rugs, plants, etc., into a photo of an empty room.
    • Removing an existing non-fixed home element or furnishing from an image and replacing it with a digital representation of one similar. Examples: furniture, mirrors, artwork, rugs, plants, etc.
  5. Virtually staged photos may include landscaping improvements that could realistically be made to improve the property’s exterior appearance.
  6. Virtually staged photos may not include deceptive elements including, but not limited to the following:
    • Furniture or personal property that will not fit within a room’s dimensions.
    • Views from the property that do not exist, such as lakes, rivers, fields, skylines, and landmarks.
    • Fixed features that do not exist, such as a fireplace or property addition.
  7. Virtually staged images cannot remove elements outside the property owner’s control, such as buildings on adjacent properties, power lines, utility poles, water towers, retaining walls and highways.

d) “To Be Built” listings will be designated with a default image indicating construction has not begun on the property. Additional media may include floor plans, elevation sketches and photos of properties similar to the “To Be Built” listing.

e) RealTracs, Inc. staff may remove photographs, sketches, diagrams or other media that do not adhere to these Rules and Regulations.

New Paperless Process for IDX Approvals

What is Changing?

RealTracs is finalizing the process of moving all IDX licenses, distribution, and compliance to MLS Grid’s national platform (http://www.mlsgrid.com/). Beginning June 1, all IDX data access will be facilitated through a Web API from the MLS Grid.  IDX & website vendors have been receiving multiple notifications since January of the upcoming change to ensure they have ample time to update their processes.  The approval of IDX requests for agent and brokerage websites is now paperless and 100% online.

What is MLS Grid?

MLS Grid was founded in 2016 as a cooperative venture between eight MLS organizations. This network has grown to include ten large MLSs providing service to more than 240,000 real estate practitioners throughout the country.  These MLSs include RealTracs, Carolina MLS in Charlotte, MARIS in St. Louis, NorthStar MLS in Minneapolis, Heartland MLS in Kansas City, MIBOR in Indianapolis, Austin Board of REALTORS, Northwest MLS in Seattle, and My Florida Regional MLS in Orlando.

The MLSs above are all joint owners of MLS Grid.  MLS Grid compiles data directly from these MLSs to create a single data feed, unifying compliance, display, and usage standards to ease the distribution process for all involved. Based on the latest RESO Standards, the MLS Grid not only modernizes the way technologists access MLS data, but the single license agreement appropriately governs the use of brokers’ data.

How Does the New Process Work?

IDX approvals are initiated by the agent with their preferred vendor and will also require approval by his/her principal broker.  Historically, these came in pdf form via email and were sent to RealTracs; however, as data acquisition has been improved and streamlined for vendors, so has the approval process for agents and brokers.  It’s important to note that there is no action required for agents or brokers who have an existing website or IDX approval.

The new IDX approval process is 100% online.

  1. When an agent signs up for service with their preferred IDX vendor, an email containing a link to the data license generates from notify@mlsgrid.com and is sent to both the requesting agent and the principal broker (we highly recommend you whitelist this email address or add it to your address book).
    An example of the email sent to both the agent and broker are below.
  2. The agent and broker will each sign the license online, which triggers it to be emailed to the MLS for approval.
  3. After MLS approval, the license has been signed by all parties, and the IDX approval process is complete.

Sample Email to Broker

Sample Email to Agent

Please note: The old IDX approval forms (pictured below) used previously by vendors will no longer be valid after June 1. 

If you have questions about the new process, please don’t hesitate to contact RealTracs support via online chat, email (support@realtracs.com), or by phone (615-385-0777).

RealTracs Mobile Enhancements

The kids have practice.
What’s for dinner?
Help with homework.
Remember to call clients.

Does this schedule look familiar? With today’s hot market and your personal schedule busier than ever, who has time to sit down at the computer? You’re on the go and need information on the go, too.

We get it. That’s why RealTracs mobile provides you with MLS in the palm of your hand. And it’s continuously getting better with more features added regularly.

Need to call another agent about a property you are viewing? Just click on their contact information in the full report. Want to share a property CMA with your client? Do it from RealTracs mobile quickly. What’s for sale in the area? A “Near Me” search will tell you.

Recent Updates

There’s more! Now you can view and manage your listings:

  • Easily view all of your listings from your phone – even the ones you co-list.
  • Manage your listings with mobile-friendly features. As add/edit is being redesigned more tools will be added!
  • Make listing status updates with the new Change Status.
  • Coming Soon: Make quick edits to price, expiration date, public remarks, and private remarks.

You can also find quick links to CRS Tax and the RealTracs support site!

Check it Out!

If you haven’t visited the RealTracs mobile site recently, give it a test drive today by logging into realtracs.net from your favorite mobile device.

Let us know what you think at support@realtracs.com!

Online Support and Ticketing Moving to FreshDesk

Finding Online Help

The online support system is moving to an upgraded platform – FreshDesk.  Here you will find the same helpful support walkthroughs and videos you have come to expect with an even more user-friendly format.  The new support site is found at https://support.realtracs.com/.

Looking for assistance with something specific?  Start typing what you are looking for in the search box and related support articles will populate as you type. When you see what you are looking for, simply click the article to be directed to that page.

There you will find a summary of the feature, a quick help guide to assist you, and a video tutorial, if available.


Support Tickets

Still stuck or can’t find what you are looking for in the help pages? No problem!  The new support site includes a new interactive support ticketing system.  Follow the steps below to start a support ticket :


  1. Click New support ticket from the support.realtracs.com homepage.
  2. Login to RealTracs if prompted.
  3. Enter your email in the Requester field.
  4. Add a brief subject related to the problem you are experiencing.
  5. Enter the type of support ticket.  You may choose between the following options: Question, Incident, Problem, Feature Request, Refund, Payment
  6. Enter a description of the problem you are experiencing.
    If you have a screenshot or other file that might be helpful to a support technician, it can be attached to the ticket.
  7. Click submit.

After a ticket has been submitted you can check on the current status by clicking Check ticket status.  To view the details of your ticket, click the support subject/ticket number.  The details page contains all messaging between you and your assigned support technician and other information regarding your support request.

You can view not only open or pending support tickets but also a history of your resolved and closed tickets as well!


Please note:

  • You will receive an email from support confirming receipt of the ticket as well as a link to view the status of the ticket.
  • A support technician will review your ticket and if there is a related support article a link will be emailed to you.

Other Assistance and Information

There is much more than just help pages on RealTracs support.  On the support home page you will find links to recent articles that have been published, RealTracs rules and rule changes, a staff directory, and the latest RealTracs news!