The Path to an Optimized Search

In order for Realtracs users to be able to search, list and buy confidently, they must have access to a top-level product that makes their lives and serving their clients easier. That’s part of why feedback from our users matters so much.

We have heard the need for a better and more efficient way to search for properties. You may have recently noticed the New Listings Search beta and/or other improvements being made to the mobile experience. These enhancements are the building blocks of an optimized search experience on both the desktop and mobile platforms of Realtracs.

Over the next several months, Realtracs’ team of developers will be working to optimize Search on all platforms. This work means you’ll see several changes within the product. These changes may not immediately impact how you use the product, and some may leave you asking why a particular change was made. The path to a better Search experience consists of multiple steps and necessary updates that work together to create the optimal Search experience. 

We know change can be a disruption, so we want to share why the coming changes matter. These are the four big goals of our improvement to Search:

  1. Mobile-Friendly: Consistent experience and features across all devices.
  2. Beyond Search: In addition to searching MLS listings, you will be able to quickly lookup any known address and explore the nearby area.
  3. Natural Power: Advanced searches shouldn’t require advanced degrees. Additional search criteria will feel natural – easy to find and understand.
  4. Consistently Integrated: Search will feel consistent from the public website to Auto Notify. These separate tools won’t feel so separate.

To further help our users understand the changes to come and how they lead to a better Search experience, here’s a look at the roadmap of improvements and added features that together create a confident search.

We hope you’ll be patient with us as we work our way down this road. We invite you to explore each new feature and change and continue to share your feedback by contacting us at feedback@realtracs.com. We take customer feedback very seriously. When you share your feedback, we learn more than you know, especially why something is important to you and your company. 

Online Support and Ticketing Moving to FreshDesk

Finding Online Help

The online support system is moving to an upgraded platform – FreshDesk.  Here you will find the same helpful support walkthroughs and videos you have come to expect with an even more user-friendly format.  The new support site is found at https://support.realtracs.com/.

Looking for assistance with something specific?  Start typing what you are looking for in the search box and related support articles will populate as you type. When you see what you are looking for, simply click the article to be directed to that page.

There you will find a summary of the feature, a quick help guide to assist you, and a video tutorial, if available.


Support Tickets

Still stuck or can’t find what you are looking for in the help pages? No problem!  The new support site includes a new interactive support ticketing system.  Follow the steps below to start a support ticket :


  1. Click New support ticket from the support.realtracs.com homepage.
  2. Login to RealTracs if prompted.
  3. Enter your email in the Requester field.
  4. Add a brief subject related to the problem you are experiencing.
  5. Enter the type of support ticket.  You may choose between the following options: Question, Incident, Problem, Feature Request, Refund, Payment
  6. Enter a description of the problem you are experiencing.
    If you have a screenshot or other file that might be helpful to a support technician, it can be attached to the ticket.
  7. Click submit.

After a ticket has been submitted you can check on the current status by clicking Check ticket status.  To view the details of your ticket, click the support subject/ticket number.  The details page contains all messaging between you and your assigned support technician and other information regarding your support request.

You can view not only open or pending support tickets but also a history of your resolved and closed tickets as well!


Please note:

  • You will receive an email from support confirming receipt of the ticket as well as a link to view the status of the ticket.
  • A support technician will review your ticket and if there is a related support article a link will be emailed to you.

Other Assistance and Information

There is much more than just help pages on RealTracs support.  On the support home page you will find links to recent articles that have been published, RealTracs rules and rule changes, a staff directory, and the latest RealTracs news!

Coming Soon: Updated Contacts and Auto Notify

We wanted to let you know about some improvements you’ll be seeing to your Auto Notify page, as we continue working toward a new Client Portal that will provide real-time feedback and tools for engaging with your clients and the listings you share with them. One of the first steps in this journey is updating Auto Notify to fully-integrate with your Contacts. Check out some updates coming soon to Contacts and Auto Notify:



    • Contacts Page: All contacts created with Auto Notify have been added to an updated, mobile-friendly Contacts page (My Page > Contacts).
    • Contact Management: Contacts can be Merged, Duplicated or Deleted.

COMING LATER THIS YEAR: See how many Auto Notify campaigns each of your contacts is receiving, as well as their engagement with each of those campaigns.


    • Auto Notify Contacts: Create or edit an Auto Notify by picking someone from your Contact list, or add them as a new Contact. These Contacts will be shown separately for each Auto Notify, and link to additional contact information. 
    • Contacts Not Required: Create an Auto Notify search and view the results without being required to send it to a contact (like a Hot Sheet).
    • Auto Notify Frequency: View the Frequency of your Auto Notify as well as the date that the latest results were found from the Auto Notify Management page.

COMING LATER THIS YEAR: See a breakdown of how your contacts respond to individual listings: Likes, Dislikes, and even which ones they want to see in person.


CRS Data’s October Product Deep-Dive

Property Report Editing

Today, we’re exploring ways to make important edits to your property reports. These simple adjustments can help you make accurate changes to the property characteristics of your subject building.

Be sure to press enter or tab to save your changes automatically. These changes will only be made to your account. They will not be seen by other users. 

How to Edit Property Characteristics

2018-10-10_09-39-12You have the ability to edit the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and total square feet for a property. When you pull up your property report, edit these sections by clicking in the boxes (shown above) and typing your new values.

Be sure to press enter or tab to save your changes automatically.

How to Revert Back to Your Original Values

Option 12018-10-10_09-45-41

1. Click in the blue box.
2. When the pop-up box appears, you can click to revert the number to the original value

Option 2

1. Click on the link – “click here” – at the bottom of the “Property Characteristics: Building” section.
2. Once you click on the link, the numbers will be reverted back to their original values.


Notice Re: RealTracs Network Outage

To Our Valued Users:

Earlier today, the RealTracs MLS system experienced a network failure related to a piece of hardware and its configuration.  During that time, our engineering team worked continuously along with multiple senior engineers from Cisco to rectify the problem.

The core issue was a network connectivity failure related to a piece of hardware and was not associated with the MLS system itself or the database.  Please know, your data was always safe and secure.

All RealTracs systems, including our Internet service providers, have redundancies, or backup systems, in place to ensure MLS uptime.  Today’s outage was caused when a redundant piece of network hardware took over a process from a failed system as it is designed to do, and the failed system continued to run, causing the interruption.  As soon as our engineers identified the source of the failure, it was removed, and system access was restored.

RealTracs will continue the ongoing implementation of cloud-based systems and other technologies to help ensure such a failure in the future is mitigated.  We take the uptime and reliability of the MLS system very seriously, and sincerely apologize for this unacceptable inconvenience.


Have you seen the email below that appears to be from RealTracs?  If it is in your inbox you should DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!  If you already responded or provided sensitive information, be sure to change your RealTracs password.

RealTracs will never send you an email regarding login notices or ask for personally identifiable information.

If you are unsure the email really came from RealTracs, call our HelpDesk and ask.

The RealTracs technical support staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The quickest way to reach a technician is via an Online Chat.  To start a chat, click the button from the top of RealTracs.net.

You can also call 615-385-0777 or send an email to helpdesk@realtracs.com.

Stay safe out there!


New Active Listing Status Added to RealTracs.net

To better reflect the showing status of an active listing, the following changes have been made:

  • Active status will now display as Active – Showing.
  • A new status of Active – Not Showing has been added to add/edit, search, and reports.

How Active – Not Showing works:

  • A new listing can be added as, and an existing listing can be changed to, Active – Not Showing if:
    • The required Available for Showing Date is within fifteen (15) days of entry into the MLS system or the status change toActive – Not Showing
    • The Available for Showing Date is before the expiration date of the listing
  • Active – Not Showing listings are not syndicated until the status goes to Active – Showing
  • Active – Not Showing listings are not available on the hot sheets or sent via auto notification until the status goes to Active –Showing

 If you have questions about the new statuses, a help page has been created and is available at help.realtracs.net.

Additionally, the RealTracs Help Desk is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm via email at helpdesk@realtracs.com or by phone at 615-385-0777.

REALTORS Property Resource Available To RealTracs Users


RealTracs’ users now have access to RPR’s, full functionality to go along with their suite of tools and features.  The addition of your listing data to RPR means various reports, trends and analytics will be enhanced, as well as the ability to display your own listings and those from your company.

RPR is a dues-funded, Realtor®-only national database of property information and is free of charge for NAR’s Realtor® members. The system is comprised of robust parcel-centric data sets covering more than 147 million parcels, including:

  • Public records and tax assessment data
  • Liens, stand-alone mortgages and refinancing loans
  • Largest nationwide database of real estate-owned (REO) properties
  • Advanced geospatial imagery, dynamic heat maps and historical property photos
  • School district data, reviews and test scores
  • Neighborhood boundaries and demographic information including points of interest
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps

To begin your setup of RPR,  visit https://www.narrpr.com/ and click the “Create a New Account” button in the shaded grey box.  Please note, you will need your NRDS number to setup RPR.   This can be found in RealTracs by viewing your roster at My Page and then clicking User Profile.  You can also contact your local REALTOR Association for your NRDS number as well.

If you need to speak with an RPR representative to assist with setup, they are available 24/7 by calling (877) 977-7576.  You can also live-chat from the NAR RPR website.


Additional Fixes and Features Added to RealTracs 3.0

The latest updates and enhancements to the RealTracs 3.0 MLS System went live Wednesday December 21st.


  • Media Manager:  Documents, URLs and virtual tours can now be uploaded to incomplete listings
  • Media Manager:  Uploading URLs and virtual tours now requires http:// or https:// to be entered as part of the URL
  • Accessibility Information has been added to RealTracs.net and .com as well as mobile.realtracs.net and .com
  • Search:  The map list is now collapsed below the map by default


  • Activity Report:  The Active section now displays the appropriate header “Active & UC Show Listings”
  • Search Additional Criteria:  Agent names can now be removed from the search fields successfully without removing the entire field
  • List Price and Sales Price search fields:  These fields are now editable without the cursor losing placement
  • To Be Built listing photos:  The “To Be Built” image was not automatically displaying for a short period of time, this is now fixed

The RealTracs help desk staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm to answer any questions you might have about the newly added features or anything else in the new system.  They can be reached at 615-385-0777 or via email at helpdesk@realtracs.com.