General Information

RealTracs to Eliminate MLS “Areas”

What’s Happening?

RealTracs is removing MLS Areas from Add/Edit and Search, as well as existing Auto Notify searches with Area as an included criterion.

When Will This Occur?

The change will be effective on February 1, 2020

Why Change?

RealTracs fully understands that a few of our users are dependent upon using Areas for their listing searches, and know that removing them might seem like a change that fundamentally shifts how you use the MLS.

However, eliminating Areas will ensure your searches and reporting are more accurate than ever before.  The truth is, Areas create more problems for MLS users than you might realize.

Did you know,

  • Up to 20% of listings in the MLS have an incorrect Area assigned by the listing agent, which can make searches inaccurate and cause confusion for others.
  • Areas are not based on conventional boundaries and can (and do) change.
  • Davidson County Areas were established not by the MLS, but by the Tennessean as a way to organize classified ads back in the 1960s.
  • In Rutherford County, Murfreesboro city annexations have changed the boundaryPicture1.png over time and make historical comps based on Areas useless.
  • Montgomery County’s Area is partly based on a railroad line that no longer exists.
  • Your clients and consumers are not familiar with Areas. They generally look for listings by neighborhoods and schools.  In fact, Areas are not sent in IDX data feeds.
  • Only 12% of MLS users search by Area. Of those, 14% further refine those searches using additional criteria such as Schools and ZIP Codes.

How Will I Find What I am Looking for Without Areas?

There are several other ways to search for listings that are more accurate than Area.

  • County Name
  • ZIP Code(s)
  • School(s)
  • Map-based searches (you can draw your own custom Area based upon your needs*)
    *Our awesome team of CHRs and expert support staff can show you how!

How Will the RealTracs System Change?

As you have probably already guessed, some changes will be made to the MLS system to accommodate the removal of Areas.

  • Add/Edit will require a County only, and sub-area selections will be removed.add edit.png
  • Search “preference” settings to arrange Areas by county name or Area ID will be removed.
  • The Search Area/County pick-list will be replaced with County and organized by state.
  • You will be able to select any county in Tennessee, Kentucky, or Alabama. No more “Area 17” for listings outside the current RealTracs MLS service area.

I Have Saved Searches That Utilize Area.  What Happens to Those?

  • If your saved search is based on using an Area, it will be replaced with the county the Area represents.
  • If the selection of Areas represents only part of the county (for example, Area 4 in Davidson), then all ZIP Codes in that Area will be added to your search criteria. Staying with the Area 4 example, this would mean ZIP Codes 37015, 370880, and 37218 would be searched.  Of course, there might be some overlap into what were Areas 5 and 3, but remember, the consumer does not search for a home by Area.

RealTracs is currently creating ZIP Code lists and comparison maps for Davidson, Montgomery, and Rutherford Counties to assist with the transition and help make the move from Areas to Counties as straightforward as possible.

There will be much more information coming over the following weeks, so be on the lookout for that on the RealTracs Support site, news blog, social channels, and more.

RealTracs Celebrates Three Staff on Their 20th Anniversary

Janine Darnell, Bobbi Jo Nugent, and Cindy Couey were recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs Board of Directors for 20 years of exceptional service to the company.

Brentwood, TN (Dec. 6, 2018) – Janine Darnell was first known as the book and photography manager when she started with RealTracs on March 3, 1998.

“I knew Janine at the (then) Nashville Board of REALTORS® as we launched a weekly circular, Real Estate This Week.  Janine was hard-working, attentive to details and customer-focused,” said Stuart White, CEO of RealTracs, Inc.

White continued, “When RealTracs was formed in 1996, we used a third-party service to photograph listings, publish books and distribute the books to real estate offices. We knew the books were going away and digital camera photography was taking hold. Janine was hired to manage the transition.”

Darnell hired a team of independent photographers and brought book publishing and distribution in-house. Book publishing took several years to phase out, with a lot of sweat and tenacity, to ensure those who wanted books could still get them.

The photography service for new listings continued for 14 years and was discontinued in 2012.  Darnell managed the photographers and the processes. She also assisted – and still does – agents who upload their own listing photos.

In 2012, Darnell transitioned from “photography guru” to “lockbox guru.” While maintaining the integrity and assistance with listing photos, she managed the SentriLock system, assisted new lockbox users and ensured that the lockbox database and system were secure.

“Janine has a heart for serving our customers. She has weathered many, many ‘core-service’ changes with a great attitude and humble spirit, and she has our deepest gratitude for being a rock in the storm,” said White.


Bobbi Jo Nugent began her career with RealTracs on June 4, 1998. With a degree in accounting, she was hired as RealTracs’ first, full-time accountant.

“When RealTracs launched, we were learning everything about starting a new business. My drive was to bring Internet technology into the real estate space, but I also had business processes to attend to,” said White.

“Bobbi Jo was a life-saver. When she was hired, our accounting and reporting to the board was… well, horrific,” said White. “Bobbi Jo reconciled billing, bank balances, reports, and receivables. She provided financial management stability during a time when RealTracs was transitioning its system to the Internet, establishing itself as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the Realtors®, hiring developers and support staff and phasing out the books.”

While proficient, accounting was not her passion!  It only took a few years to realize she needed a different job that was more connected to Realtors® and people.

“Bobbi Jo hated her job and hated me,” continued White. “I asked her what she really wanted to do, and she replied that she wanted to be an FBI agent. I told her I couldn’t help with that but asked if she wanted to try out being a Customer Happiness Rep.”

The rest is history. Nugent is well-known for her teaching abilities, attention to customer needs and her ability to translate customer feedback into action items for the development team.  She has a loyal following in students and passionate praise from her customers.

Nugent was named the Director of Customer Happiness in 2017 and has been responsible for team management, training, and online help systems.

“Bobbi Jo is an integral part of RealTracs’ history and the embodiment of RealTracs’ mission.  Her devotion to serving our customers, advocating for the Realtor’s role in real estate and her integrity is what RealTracs is all about.”


Cindy Couey is the one person everyone should have in their lives. Couey has been the go-to person for every majorRealTracs change since 1998. She has provided common-sense input, compassion, and support while rolling up her sleeves to do the hard work.

Hired on August 10, 1998, Couey’s official role has been to enforce accurate data in the RealTracs system. Couey manages data accuracy, interprets contract terms and coaches agents in how to abide by the law, ethical obligations, and the MLS rules. In a day, Couey answers questions ranging from legal contract terms to MLS days-on-market calculations.

Because of her impeccable character and her key role in facilitating a harmonious marketplace, Couey has raised the quality level of service for the entire real estate industry in Middle Tennessee. Her insight into business processes, discrimination between legal and ethical questions, compassion for customer circumstances and an acute understanding of RealTracs’ and customers’ needs has ensured RealTracs’ success in supporting its customers.

“Cindy is that person you go to for counsel,” said White. “Whether it’s about making a rule change, how many Supra lockboxes should be exchanged for SentriLock lockboxes, press release wording, planning a staff meeting, formulating goals for the year, managing travel and on and on, Cindy is the person everyone relies on for insight and advice.”

White continues, “Cindy is so smart and insightful. If I had to rescue people during a disaster, Cindy is the person I would trust for advice.”

While the directors and staff celebrate Cindy Couey for twenty years of service, her legacy and influence will abide for years to come, and its gratitude will never be fully conveyed. RealTracs salutes Cindy Couey with the utmost appreciation!


Have you seen the email below that appears to be from RealTracs?  If it is in your inbox you should DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!  If you already responded or provided sensitive information, be sure to change your RealTracs password.

RealTracs will never send you an email regarding login notices or ask for personally identifiable information.

If you are unsure the email really came from RealTracs, call our HelpDesk and ask.

The RealTracs technical support staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The quickest way to reach a technician is via an Online Chat.  To start a chat, click the button from the top of

You can also call 615-385-0777 or send an email to

Stay safe out there!


New Report Format and Printing/Sharing Options Released August 1

There are some exciting new ways to view, share, and print reports that were released on August 1st. Want to view a mobile friendly report?  You can do that.  Need a way to copy a link for placement inside a text or email to your client?  You can do that as well.  If you need to print a hard copy for yourself or your client, you can do that without first creating a PDF file.

Be sure and check out all of the new features coming soon so you can familiarize yourself with what is coming, by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the new reports, sharing links, or printing, please give our HelpDesk a call at 615-385-0777.

RealTracs Workshops Now Being Offered

Your Customer Happiness Representatives and Tech Support Team have teamed up to offer something new, RealTracs Workshops! These workshops are designed for you to stop by the RealTracs office to receive one on one assistance on any RealTracs feature.

Our first two Workshops are June 13th from 2:00-4:00 p.m. and June 29th from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. These are walk-in classes with no appointment needed, just drop in at your convenience during Workshop hours.

Please note: There is no CE Credit offered for this workshop.

We hope to see you there!

Understanding the New Status Changes

The accurate status of a property is an important piece of information, as it communicates where in the listing cycle it is.  Please be aware that there are some new status choices coming to add/edit on September 7, 2016 that will replace Active with a Contingency and Pending.  While what they are called might be new, the function is not.

Under Contract – Showing (formerly Active with a Contingency) simply means the listing has an accepted offer to purchase pending clearance of a contingency, such as the sale of a home or financing.  It’s important to note that the home will still be shown to prospective buyers for back up offers.  During this time, Days on Market still accumulates.

Under Contract -Not Showing (formerly Pending) listings have a binding sales contract that has been accepted by both parties, and Days on Market no longer accumulates.  Three things are needed when moving to Under Contract- Not Showing:

  1. The Under Contract date
  2. Off-Market Date
  3. Sales Agent Name
  4. Co-Sales Agent name (if applicable)

The new status change form will be placed in the RealTracs Online Information Library when the changes are effective.

The image below will help give you a visual of the listing cycle as your property moves through the statues in RealTracs.

listing cycle

There is online help available to assist you in understanding the new status changes.  A full description of each can be found here, as well as a step-by-step video tutorial and walk-through of how to change the status of your listings.

Also, as always, if you have any questions regarding the new statues, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact the RealTracs Help Desk at 615-385-0777 or via email at  They are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Additional Fixes and Features Added to RealTracs 3.0

The latest updates and enhancements to the RealTracs 3.0 MLS System went live Wednesday August 3rd.

The RealTracs help desk staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm to answer any questions you might have about the newly added features or anything else in the new system.  They can be reached at 615-385-0777 or via email at



  • Media Manager: Rotation buttons added to each image
  • Media Manager: New process for uploading additional photos and editing existing photos
  • Media Manager: New process for deleting an image
  • Stats Results tab: Option added to print over 250 results
  • Stats Results tab: Option to see over 250 results added to Cross Class
  • You can now navigate from the mobile site to the full site and from the full site to the mobile site when on a device detected as mobile.
  • Customizable html CMA: Added to Land, Multi-Family, Commercial, Rental, Auction, MLS# and Cross Class Search
  • CMA Print Options: Printing now includes only the completed custom fields
  • Auto Notify: Pick contacts button added to Step 2
  • Auto Notify & Prospector: Notifications can now be turned off by clicking the name on the notification
  • Prospector – Users activating their 26th Auto Notification will be prompted to subscribe to Prospector
  • Prospector: Search field added
  • Prospector: Unsubscribe button added


  • Portrait images are now handled properly on the Thumbnail view and are no longer stretched
  • History report is now displaying price change data properly
  • Public Site Report: Both the date and time are now considered so the entered dates are included in the results
  • Preview email listings links are now working when composing an email listing message
  • Delegate logins: Reports now display the “Requested By” name of the logged in user
  • Model Open House links are now displaying in the OH column for all classes
  • Office Page/Agent Performance: Date range fields added

Notice of Planned System Outage

There will be a planned RealTracs MLS system downtime Wednesday evening, July 6 from 10 pm until 12 midnight to perform scheduled system maintenance.

On the evening of Sunday, July 10, RealTracs will take approximately four hours of downtime in order to perform necessary system maintenance and upgrades.

When: The outage window will last from 10 pm on the evening of Sunday July, 10th until 2 am on the morning of Monday, July 11th.

What is Impacted: All MLS systems including RealTracs 3.0, RETS, and the RealTracs eCommerce Site.

RealTracs apologizes for any inconvenience as we make these important system upgrades.dreamstime_m_22882056

Additional Fixes and Features Added to RealTracs 3.0

The latest updates and enhancements to the RealTracs 3.0 MLS System went live Thursday June 30th.

The RealTracs help desk staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm to answer any questions you might have about the newly added features or anything else in the new system.  They can be reached at 615-385-0777 or via email at



  • Printing no longer requires a download to users browser
  • Hot Sheets/Days Back:  UC Show has been added to the activity type search options and Pending has been replaced by UC Not Show in the Reason column
  • Hot Sheets/Days Back: Color coding has been changed to a color block in front of the Reason and Status
  • When toggling via MLS# from List View to Full View, go back to Listing where a user leaves off and see a brief yellow highlight.
  • Tax ID History report added for all searches
  • Mobile.RealTracs.Net: Active Contingent now displays as UC Showing and Pending as UC Not Showing
  • Help/Support/Rules now links to January 2016 rules document and Rules Changes
  • Auto Notify Results Column now includes page navigation when clicking on the MLS#


  • Road frontage value that was missing on full tab for land-lots-farms is now displaying
  • Rental full report now displays compensation fields correctly from MLS# search
  • Saved Search for all classes:  Additional criteria drop down fields will now save without a selected value
  • Emailed listings: All photos now display the same size
  • Mobile.RealTracs.Net: User and Office roster information is now up to date

Keeping Up With New Features as They are Added to RealTracs 3.0

Ever wonder if a new feature is coming to RealTracs 3.0, or if a suggestion has entered the development phase to be added to the system?  You can keep up with both through the two pages linked below (each document can be found in the RealTracs Online Help System as well at

The first link is to a document containing suggestions or user feedback that has been identified and added to the development queue.  While there is not a specific timeline for each item, there is a color code to let you know what stage of development a particular item is in.  Please note however, this is not all of the items we have received, just those that are in the development queue.  We document and track all user submitted suggestions sent to, and that feedback is where we get much of the development list from.

The second link is to a document that chronologically lists the features and fixes that have been added to RealTracs 3.0 since the cut-over, as well as a set of FAQs.

Remember, if you have a suggestion or would like to see something added, send it to  We keep everything that is sent and track each suggestion individually.

User Feedback & Tracking

Features and fixes added by Date