RealTracs Celebrates Three Staff on Their 20th Anniversary

Janine Darnell, Bobbi Jo Nugent, and Cindy Couey were recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs Board of Directors for 20 years of exceptional service to the company.

Brentwood, TN (Dec. 6, 2018) – Janine Darnell was first known as the book and photography manager when she started with RealTracs on March 3, 1998.

“I knew Janine at the (then) Nashville Board of REALTORS® as we launched a weekly circular, Real Estate This Week.  Janine was hard-working, attentive to details and customer-focused,” said Stuart White, CEO of RealTracs, Inc.

White continued, “When RealTracs was formed in 1996, we used a third-party service to photograph listings, publish books and distribute the books to real estate offices. We knew the books were going away and digital camera photography was taking hold. Janine was hired to manage the transition.”

Darnell hired a team of independent photographers and brought book publishing and distribution in-house. Book publishing took several years to phase out, with a lot of sweat and tenacity, to ensure those who wanted books could still get them.

The photography service for new listings continued for 14 years and was discontinued in 2012.  Darnell managed the photographers and the processes. She also assisted – and still does – agents who upload their own listing photos.

In 2012, Darnell transitioned from “photography guru” to “lockbox guru.” While maintaining the integrity and assistance with listing photos, she managed the SentriLock system, assisted new lockbox users and ensured that the lockbox database and system were secure.

“Janine has a heart for serving our customers. She has weathered many, many ‘core-service’ changes with a great attitude and humble spirit, and she has our deepest gratitude for being a rock in the storm,” said White.


Bobbi Jo Nugent began her career with RealTracs on June 4, 1998. With a degree in accounting, she was hired as RealTracs’ first, full-time accountant.

“When RealTracs launched, we were learning everything about starting a new business. My drive was to bring Internet technology into the real estate space, but I also had business processes to attend to,” said White.

“Bobbi Jo was a life-saver. When she was hired, our accounting and reporting to the board was… well, horrific,” said White. “Bobbi Jo reconciled billing, bank balances, reports, and receivables. She provided financial management stability during a time when RealTracs was transitioning its system to the Internet, establishing itself as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the Realtors®, hiring developers and support staff and phasing out the books.”

While proficient, accounting was not her passion!  It only took a few years to realize she needed a different job that was more connected to Realtors® and people.

“Bobbi Jo hated her job and hated me,” continued White. “I asked her what she really wanted to do, and she replied that she wanted to be an FBI agent. I told her I couldn’t help with that but asked if she wanted to try out being a Customer Happiness Rep.”

The rest is history. Nugent is well-known for her teaching abilities, attention to customer needs and her ability to translate customer feedback into action items for the development team.  She has a loyal following in students and passionate praise from her customers.

Nugent was named the Director of Customer Happiness in 2017 and has been responsible for team management, training, and online help systems.

“Bobbi Jo is an integral part of RealTracs’ history and the embodiment of RealTracs’ mission.  Her devotion to serving our customers, advocating for the Realtor’s role in real estate and her integrity is what RealTracs is all about.”


Cindy Couey is the one person everyone should have in their lives. Couey has been the go-to person for every majorRealTracs change since 1998. She has provided common-sense input, compassion, and support while rolling up her sleeves to do the hard work.

Hired on August 10, 1998, Couey’s official role has been to enforce accurate data in the RealTracs system. Couey manages data accuracy, interprets contract terms and coaches agents in how to abide by the law, ethical obligations, and the MLS rules. In a day, Couey answers questions ranging from legal contract terms to MLS days-on-market calculations.

Because of her impeccable character and her key role in facilitating a harmonious marketplace, Couey has raised the quality level of service for the entire real estate industry in Middle Tennessee. Her insight into business processes, discrimination between legal and ethical questions, compassion for customer circumstances and an acute understanding of RealTracs’ and customers’ needs has ensured RealTracs’ success in supporting its customers.

“Cindy is that person you go to for counsel,” said White. “Whether it’s about making a rule change, how many Supra lockboxes should be exchanged for SentriLock lockboxes, press release wording, planning a staff meeting, formulating goals for the year, managing travel and on and on, Cindy is the person everyone relies on for insight and advice.”

White continues, “Cindy is so smart and insightful. If I had to rescue people during a disaster, Cindy is the person I would trust for advice.”

While the directors and staff celebrate Cindy Couey for twenty years of service, her legacy and influence will abide for years to come, and its gratitude will never be fully conveyed. RealTracs salutes Cindy Couey with the utmost appreciation!

Stuart White Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Stuart White is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

Stuart White is known throughout the country for his contributions to the Multiple Listing and real estate industries.  He led the establishment of RealTracs Solutions from preparing the formation and empowering documents in 1995-1996 to assembling and developing an exceptional staff, as well as guiding the creation and enhancement of the necessary technological platforms on which the operating system has operated.

“Stuart has been, and continues to be an inspiration to everyone associated with RealTracs Solutions,” said Price Lechleiter, Chairman of the Board.  “That includes not just board leadership and staff, but the area real estate brokers and agents who rely so significantly on the services provided by the MLS. He is also a leader in the MLS community nationally through his service in leadership of several professional associations and work groups. It is virtually impossible to express how fortunate and thankful we are to have him leading RealTracs Solutions as CEO and President.”

Stuart is the only CEO and President there has ever been at RealTracs®. He has led them through a variety of economic times, organizational challenges and major strategic choices. The results have been not just commendable, but exceptional.   His unique leadership approach has established a professional service system and culture considered to one of the best, if not the best in the country.

“Stuart represents the vision, mission and core values of RealTracs by living them, not just promoting them. He led the process by which they were created and provides an example of their application on a daily basis,” said Lechleiter. “It is very difficult to imagine what RealTracs might be like without his leadership. Fortunately, we have benefitted from his involvement for 20 years, and look forward to that continuing into the future.

RealTracs® was the first large MLS in the country to successfully implement a Windows’ browser-based Internet system.  Realtors® in the area were using a DOS-based, dial up system, and they were very uncomfortable being introduced to a mouse and email.  Without Stuart’s leadership the work to develop the system would not have happened, or at a minimum, taken much longer to create.

Stuart is in demand for leadership positions on boards of directors, work groups, advisory groups and others influencing emerging technology or strategic developments affecting MLS and real estate activity. From the National Association of REALTORS to the Council of MLSs, his willing service has helped better choices and decisions be made in those environments.

Lechleiter commented, “Stuart’s calm and steady leadership approach has helped us through transitions covering adjusting to new technology, implementing a new lockbox system, equipping new directors and even preparing new locations, like when we built our building in 2004. He knows that leadership is much more than accomplishing a list of tasks. His ability to establish and maintain relationships serves him, and this organization, very well.”

Lechleiter continued, “I know I speak for all past and present leadership of RealTracs Solutions when I express appreciation to Stuart for his service, and that we anticipate continued benefits for those we exist to serve because of his leadership.”

Linda Mears Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Linda Mears is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

From a youthful General Motors spot-welder to veteran Office and HR Manager, Linda Mears has had a life-long journey of service and growth.  A familiar name in the Middle Tennessee real estate industry, Mears celebrates 20 years of service with RealTracs Solutions®.

“Linda has been through thick and thin with RealTracs®,” said Stuart White, President and CEO of RealTracs®.  “We call her the office ‘Mom’, since she has kept all the Realtors®, directors and staff in line for two decades.”

Mears was one of four staff originally employed by the regional multiple listing service in 1996.  She has experienced the merger of four MLS systems, the waves of the real estate market and business practices, every type of complaint imaginable, every type of employee imaginable, and changes in laws and regulations for small businesses that would make your head spin.

“Through it all, Linda has maintained an integrity, positive outlook and customer focus like none other,” said White.  “She sets a perfect example of one of RealTracs®’ core values. We are committed to serving people – both internally and externally – with the highest standards of business and professional ethics. Even though she often has to address challenging situations, Linda still comes to work with an attitude of service and caring, whether dealing with disgruntled Realtors® or a challenging staff situation.  She knows how to be serious and how to laugh.”

Mears now manages human resource, business-side staff, directors’ support and escalated inquiries from customers.  She participates in the planning and execution of the company’s goals and objectives and provides an important, non-technical, perspective to many initiatives.

RealTracs® would like to acknowledge Mrs. Mears with a sincere “Thank You” for 20 years of service and contribution to the success of RealTracs®.

Pictured L-R are President & CEO, Stuart White; Linda Mears; and Chairman of the Board, Price Lechleiter.

Stacy Dudley Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Stacy Dudley is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

Stacy Dudley is known throughout the country for her contributions to the real estate industry.  With a degree in fashion design from MTSU, Dudley joined the RealTracs® team from a temporary service in 1996.

“While we were trying to figure out how to set up a new business, Stacy came into the office and said ‘I’m here to help’,” said Stuart White, President and CEO with RealTracs Solutions®.  “She was a knight in shining armor at that point, and she has continued to shine ever since that day.”

Dudley has served in every capacity at RealTracs®:  receptionist, lockbox support, rules enforcement, training, customer support to project manager.  Her unique understanding of real estate professionals’ business needs (and personalities) has been the foundation for the success of RealTracs® since 1996.

“Stacy is the face of RealTracs®, meaning she embodies all the company stands for – professionalism, service, support, compassion, forward-thinking, action – all those things that make companies great,” said White. “As a matter of fact, one of our core values is ‘total and unequivocal customer satisfaction.’ Stacy has represented her understanding of that in every role in which she has served on the RealTracs® team. She lives it and has done – and continues to do – an excellent job of leading our organization in this area.”

RealTracs® was the first large MLS in the country to successfully implement a Windows’ browser-based Internet system.  Realtors® in the area were using a DOS-based, dial up system, and they were very uncomfortable being introduced to a mouse and email.  Dudley led the charge in moving area Realtors® into a new era, well before their colleagues across the nation.

In addition, Dudley helped promote the new system across the country in conjunction with RealTracs®’ development partner, MarketLinx Solutions.  With her initial assistance, MarketLinx became the largest MLS software provider in the country.

White remembers, “Our transition was pretty bad, and I told Stacy we just needed to make them [our customers] happy.”  Consequently, Dudley was titled Director of Customer Happiness.  Dudley trained Realtors® and hired additional trainers with two goals in mind – make RealTracs® the best it can be and make our customers successful using its tools.

In recent years, Dudley transitioned into leading the redesign of the RealTracs® system.  With years of suggestions from agents, Dudley successfully completed RealTracs 3.0.  Getting the core system elements in place allows for the ‘wow’ functions to be designed and implemented.

White continues, “Stacy has a foot in both the end-user world and the technical world.  Her ability to understand and communicate with both sides is exceptionally valuable.” RealTracs® would like to acknowledge Mrs. Dudley with a sincere “thank you” for 20 years of service to RealTracs® and the real estate industry.

Pictured L-R are CEO, Stuart White; Stacy Dudley; and Chairman of the Board, Price Lechleiter.

Margaret Johnson Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Margaret Johnson is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

Margaret Johnson is a well-known name in the Middle Tennessee real estate community. Hired in May 28, 1996, Johnson has processed thousands of broker applications and agent transfers as Customer Service Coordinator.

When Johnson started with RealTracs® in 1996, there were 3,852 agents and 437 offices; MLS listings were printed and distributed in books; MLS computer access was through a modem and dumb terminal; sales in Middle Tennessee were $3.1B and the Internet was brand new. Over the years, she rode the wave through the growth in the 2000s, the following market slump, and the revitalized market in recent years.

From 1996, Johnson processed all new company applications and transfers that peaked in October 2007 at 12,635 agents in 1,255 offices. During the downturn, she processed all license retirements and office closings, which bottomed at 8,574 agents in 1,166 offices. The resurgence in the Middle Tennessee market now puts the number of agents at 11,835 in 1,298 offices.

Johnson interacts with everyone opening an office, entering the business, retiring their license, and closing their office. And, she does all this with a smile and a desire to help.

“Margaret is one of those people who are core to a successful business. Her heart and attitude are great, and she has a burning desire to help Realtors® establish and continue conducting business without interruption,” said Stuart White, President and CEO of RealTracs Solutions®. “Her contribution has been phenomenal these past 20 years. She exemplifies what we want in a team member. One of our core values is to have strong personal relationships based on trust, teamwork, honesty, respect, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Her ability to demonstrate those qualities in working with our customers over her tenure as a team member is outstanding.”

White continues, “When Margaret is out of the office, everyone appreciates the job she does, and no one can figure out how she does it so efficiently. That’s totally awesome.”

“We recognize the value Ms. Johnson has brought to RealTracs® and the real estate community for 20 years,” said White. “Congratulations and a heart-felt ‘THANK YOU’ for all you have done.”

Pictured from L-R are CEO, Stuart White; Margaret Johnson; and Chairman of the Board, Price Lechleiter.

Winners Announced in RealTracs Fee Giveaway

As part of the year-long celebration of RealTracs’ 20th Anniversary, we gave away a free quarter of User fees to several lucky winners – and those winners are below!

Two winners were chosen from Users who joined RealTracs during each of the 20 years we have been in business.  For example, there are two winners who have been with RealTracs since 1996, two winners who have been with RealTracs since 1997, all the way down to two winners who just recently joined RealTracs in 2016.

That’s 40 winners total!!

There is nothing the winning recipients need to do to claim the free quarter of User fees.  A credit of $120 will appear on your billing statement with the description, “RealTracs 20th Anniversary Giveaway”; and, a special congratulatory certificate is on the way.

It’s always our pleasure to serve the RealTracs Community of Users.  Again, congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all for your continued business!

20 Year Winners
Mitzi Ragen – CENTURY 21 Lakes, Land & Auction
Nancy Wallis Warren – Fridrich & Clark Realty

19 Year Winners
Janet F Flanagan – Coldwell Banker Barnes
Charles S. Yates – Keller Williams Realty

18 Year Winners
Sherwin Clift – Keller Williams Realty
Mike Maselli – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty

17 Year Winners
Robert Worth – Coldwell Banker Conroy, Marable & Holleman
Adeline Bush – Crye-Leike

16 Year Winners
Amy Cross Nance – CrossRoads Real Estate
Teresa S. Austin – PARKS

15 Year Winners
Jennifer L. Anderson – The Realty Association
Gayle M. Halvorson – Exit Real Estate Solutions

14 Year Winners
Billy Scooter RANDALL – Burton Blackwell Realty and Auction
Tawny M. King – Exit Realty King & Associates

13 Year Winners
Shelia Lunsford – Benchmark Realty
Ben Wilson – Team Wilson Real Estate Partners

12 Year Winners
Hesh Eslami – Realty of America
Sharon Tucker – Imagine Realty

11 Year Winners
Teresa L. Tate – Exit Realty of the South
Levinia R McClain – Beck ERA Chappell and Associates

10 Year Winners
Wen Baugh – Worth Properties
Randall (Randy) Withrow – New South, REALTORS

9 Year Winners
Paul Myers Craig and Wheeler Realty & Auction
Gregory Carl Nesto – Reliant Realty ERA Powered

8 Year Winners
Willie Mangrum – PARKS
Kim Poor – Realty Savings, LLC

7 Year Winners
Jean Marie Stover – Janssen Realty
Carol Rice – Village Real Estate Services

6 Year Winners
Bianca Cerio Tinsley – Keller Williams Realty
Michelle McIntosh – PARKS

5 Year Winners
Pamela Creel – Cumberland Real Estate LLC
Sam Corley IV – Reliant Realty ERA Powered

4 Year Winners
Kevin McGuigan – McGuigan & Associates
Kenny Stephens – The DeSelms Team

3 Year Winners
Danielle Carter – Coldwell Banker Barnes
Dani Cox – Benchmark Realty

2 Year Winners
Pamela Huxtable – RE/MAX Fine Homes
Jace Davis – SilverPointe Properties

1 Year Winners
Brandon Bliss – Keller Williams Realty
Detrick Nelson – Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates

RealTracs is Giving Away Free User Fees!

As part of the year-long celebration of RealTracs’ 20th Anniversary, we are giving away a free quarter of User fees to several lucky winners.

Two winners will be chosen from Users who joined RealTracs during each of the 20 years we have been in business.  For example, there will be two winners who have been with RealTracs since 1996, two winners who have been with RealTracs since 1997, all the way down to two winners who just recently joined RealTracs in 2016.

That’s 40 winners total!!

Check back here Thursday July 14th, or on the RealTracs Facebook page, for the full list of lucky winners!

Good Luck!


Realtracs_logo_HORIZ - Copy

Company Recounts Challenges and Successes and Marks Milestone
with Major Community Investment Commitment

Twenty years ago, RealTracs Solutions® was formed and began operations to serve the real estate industry throughout Middle Tennessee, according to Stuart White, President and CEO of the company since its beginning. The company was officially chartered as a regional multiple listing service on January 1, 1996.

“Seven Realtor® associations in Middle Tennessee demonstrated uncommon leadership and cooperation by merging four independent MLS operations, which started with 3,735 users in 418 offices. There are now over 11,250 Users in 1,250 Realtor® offices,” White said.

“It took vision, commitment and cooperation in order to create the regional MLS – just like it takes those same characteristics to make real estate transactions happen,” said Bobby Wood of RE/MAX Carriage House, a member of the original RealTracs® board of directors. Wood currently serves on the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. “That vision, guided by the officers and directors over our 20-year history and lived out daily by our exceptional CEO and staff, has provided the reason for this 20th Anniversary Celebration – and the anticipation of continued success in the future.”

Since its formation, the company has made dramatic operational changes to enhance services provided to its users. The directors and staff of RealTracs implemented these changes to best serve their customers’ MLS information requirements, provide first-rate user training and technical support, create opportunities for Realtors® to better manage the real estate transaction and provide an easy to use, quality-controlled system that can grow and adapt quickly to changing business needs and technology improvements.

“As a veteran real estate professional with more than 24 years of experience, here in Middle Tennessee, it is easy for me to attest to major changes that have impacted virtually every part of this profession. From transaction processes to new laws and from websites to online documents and signatures, the changes have often brought significant challenges. They also created opportunities. Through all of that, a rock-solid foundation provided by RealTracs® has allowed the real estate market in Middle Tennessee to function accurately and efficiently,” said Price Lechleiter of Fridrich & Clark Realty and a current member of the RealTracs® board of directors.

 Managing the use of developing technology to create the most efficient transaction process has been a significant focus for RealTracs® since the beginning. In mid-1996, RealTracs set in motion a development project to implement a browser-based, Internet platform for system development. The two goals in mind for that initiative were to ensure that any system developed be fully capable of utilizing emerging technologies and that Realtors® remain at the center of the real estate transaction. The result of the project was the most widely adopted Internet application in the MLS market at that time.

RealTracs was the first large MLS in the country to successfully utilize an Internet-based platform for its primary system. The system, branded as RealTracs®,  was initially developed by MarketLinx Solutions, a Knoxville, Tennessee based company that specialized in system design and web application development.

The conversion to RealTracs® occurred on December 28, 1997. Realtors® in Middle Tennessee converted from a text-based system to a Microsoft Windows, browser-based application. In addition, and for the first time, RealTracs assumed all responsibility for training, technical support, and customer support services.

RealTracs also expanded the scope of services to the Realtor® community, assuming responsibilities for Internet access, email, photography and the continuous development of a comprehensive MLS system.

“Change does not come easily to everyone. At the time the conversion was made to the browser-based application, there were many who did not trust technology and were much more comfortable with the status quo,” said Todd Harvey of Byers & Harvey, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of RealTracs Solutions®. “However, due to the choices made by RealTracs leaders at the time, the real estate profession in Middle Tennessee took a quantum step forward well before most of the rest of the entire country. Thanks to the deep commitment RealTracs® has to training, the real estate professionals in the region learned to effectively use technology much earlier than many of their counterparts in other markets.”

Beginning in early 2002, as a special service to the shareholder associations, RealTracs Solutions developed a Realtor® association management program (ARMS). That system was successfully deployed and is in use today by six Realtor® associations in Middle Tennessee.

MarketLinx continued to develop system features for RealTracs Solutions® while marketing and deploying its system, called Tempo, in major markets in the country. By 2003, the Tempo system was the most widely used Internet system in the country, boasting over 250,000 MLS Users.

In the summer of 2003, in the interest of assuring the best services for its clients, RealTracs Solutions® ended its relationship with MarketLinx. Work began in earnest immediately to write the complete MLS system in Microsoft’s .Net (“dot net”) environment. Concurrently, several hundred system bugs in the MarketLinx version of Tempo were fixed to improve its use during a transition period.

On July 27, 2005, the MarketLinx system was turned off and the new RealTracs.net was launched with a seamless transition for those served by this system. That change is a milestone in the history of RealTracs Solutions. For the first time, RealTracs Solutions® became independent of any third-party software developers.

From 2006 to 2008, RealTracs® continued to add system features and modifications requested by Users. RealTracs® also collected and maintained tax records and deed transfers. But, in 2007, Courthouse Retrieval System was selected and integrated with RealTracs® to provide this information in a full-featured, premium tax system.

Since the first break in the traditional vendor/MLS relationship in 1997, technical expertise, telecommunications and email services became as vital to the overall MLS product as the system itself. RealTracs Solutions® has hired and trained top-notch technical specialists to implement and maintain the MLS system.

Since its early separation from an external training provider, support and customer service have been – and continue to be – the cornerstone of RealTracs®. Customer Happiness Representatives (“CHRs”) are responsible for the care and training of MLS Users, and they are the conduit for feedback on system design and changes. For the past 10 years, CHRs have trained an average of 6,547 Users annually.

“The leadership team of RealTracs® is already working on new platforms and processes that will allow area real estate professionals to operate well in the technology environment of the next few years,” said Lisa Culp Taylor, of PARKS and past member of the RealTracs® board of directors. “And, as they continue to prove every day, they are committed to having the real estate professionals using the system being thoroughly trained so they can maximize its use.”

“It has been an exceptional experience to see the transition, growth and development of MTRMLS over the past 20 years” White said. “Frankly, the years have gone by quickly, but some of the days were pretty long. Having the clear vision, mission and core values providing our ‘True North’ has made all the difference. It has kept us correctly focused and gave us the foundation on which to make the best decisions. Thankfully, they will continue to do that as we move into our exciting future.”

As part of the celebration of its 20th Anniversary, RealTracs® has chosen to make a substantial contribution to the community service initiatives of the associations who initially invested in the creation of the company. They will contribute $2,500 to the charity of choice for each of the seven original investor associations.

RealTracs® has created a special micro website (www.realtracs20.com) to provide more detailed information about its history, including a list of all those who have served as directors and information about how the company has increased in the number of real estate professionals it has served over the years.