Important Sentrilock Rule Reminder

Nothing is more important to a homeowner than the safety and security of themselves, their family, and their home. This is why specific rules are in place that determines who is permitted to enter a listing via SentriLock access, and when.

RealTracs recently received verified reports of agents who granted entry access to potential buyers at a listing when a buyer’s agent was not present. It was also reported that outside individuals called listing agents, and misrepresented themselves as an actively licensed appraiser to gain access to a listing, when in fact the license was expired.

Please note, if a SentriCard user grants remote access to a buyer without a buyer’s agent being physically present at the listing, grants access to unverified individuals, loans a property key, or engages in any misuse of the SentriLock lockbox or SentriSmart access system, that SentriCard user can be fined and have SentriLock access permanently revoked.  For full details of the fine schedule for SentriLock violations, please visit

If you have any questions about SentiLock or SentriCard access we encourage you to call RealTracs at 615-385-0777 and speak to a representative.