Customize Your Comparable Reports in CRS

Let’s take a moment to delve into custom comparable reports – specifically outlining how you can easily add addresses. It only takes a moment, but your clients will appreciate knowing that the right-fit properties were used to create their comparable report.

How to Add Specific Addresses


  • Start by pulling up the Custom Comparables page.
  • Within the “Search by Location” section, you’ll see a section at the bottom of the page: “Add specific addresses to report.”
  • Within the box, start typing the address. Your address should quickly appear as an autofill option.
  • Click on the address to select it as a new 2018-08-10_08-44-03.pngaddition.
  • You can add up to three specific addresses/properties.
  • Click on the X if you’d like to remove one of the specific addresses.
  • Click “submit” when you’re ready to create your report.

Recognizing New Addresses in Your Comparable Report

The addresses you’ve added will appear at2018-08-10_08-45-25.png the top of the results page. These addresses will feature the label A# so you can easily recognize them.

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