Centralized Showing Services (CSS) is Being Integrated into RealTracs

A new Centralized Showing Services (CSS) integration is coming to RealTracs in the coming days!  Soon, CSS subscribers will be able to add showing instructions from a new setting in the add/edit system so any RealTracs user can schedule a showing for your listing online!

Here’s how you do it.

Setting up a listing to have online scheduling available

  1.  Under the Office Information section in add/edit (this is the second section down) you will notice a new required field called Showing Service.  By default, this is set to Other, and the Showing Instructions field is still available, just as it has always been. For non-CSS subscribers, there is no change in the process.
  2. If you are a CSS subscriber and wish to offer online scheduling, select CSS in the Showing Service field. Showing instructions cannot be selected and will now be updated via the CSS website once you make the listing active.  Please note, this does not affect the Showing Phone Number.
  3. Upon confirmation of your listing being saved, a new button labeled Go to Centralized Showing will display at the bottom.  ss2This will sign you into CSS where showing instructions can be input.  You can also access the listing at https://showings.com/ with your CSS login credentials.


  4. Any of your listings saved with CSS selected as the showing service will display a Schedule Showing link in the Showing Instructions field found in the Office and Showing Information section.  When a user clicks this link, they will be directed to your listing within the CSS site to schedule their showing. Please note, users scheduling a showing time are not required to subscribe to CSS.ss3

Scheduling a showing online (for all MLS users)

  1. Click the Schedule Showing link to load the scheduling page on Centralized Showings website.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  You do not have to be a CSS subscriber to use this feature; however, you do have to register.  If CSS doesn’t recognize you, they will require a quick online registration before you can schedule your showing.
    If you have already registered you will see the screen below after clicking Schedule a Showing.  Simply click Schedule Appointments to continue.
  2. After registering you will then select the day and time for your showing.  Pick a start and end time, and then click the green Confirm Times button. ss5.png
  3. The final step is to click the Schedule All Showings Now! button, and that’s it! You will then see a confirmation screen with full showing instructions and entry information.