More Information Added to Shared Listings and Buyer/Seller Reports

With today’s release, when listings are shared, they now display an indicator that more accurately states the status of the property.  Active-Showing and Under Contract-Showing will display a For Sale indicator; Active-Not Showing, Under Contract-Not Showing, Expired, and Withdrawn listings will display an Off Market Indicator; and, Closed listings will display a Sold indicator along with the sales price.

In the screenshot below, you can see the various flags that will display on listings.  When an individual listing is clicked, more information is displayed such as last list price (on closed listings), and price per square foot.

Please note: Only the filmstrip view and full view will display the current status and price.  The original email view of the status is not real time.

screenshot1              screenshot2.png

The full buyer and seller reports will display this information as well! Listings marked as Active-Showing and Under Contract-Showing will display price per square foot and a For Sale indicator.   Active-Not Showing, Under Contract-Not Showing, Expired & Withdrawn listings will display price per square foot and an Off Market indicator. Closed listings (shown below) will display sales price, sales price per square foot, a Sold indicator, the last list price, list price per square foot, and the closing date in the status field.


There is also a new feedback feature that has been added to the new reports.  This simple thumbs up or thumbs down pop-up simply wants to know what you think of the new report, and offers the opportunity to provide specific feedback.  Once you make your choice, you will not see it again.  Don’t care to provide feedback?  Just click the X in the upper right corner.


Select thumbs up or down and let us know what you think!

What do you think about today’s new features release?  Be sure to send an email to and let us know!