New Features and Fixes Released

There are a few new MLS system enhancements that were released on Tuesday, July 25th in advance of the main system push on August 1.   These include:


  • Add/Edit:  The Remarks field now allows for a max of 350 character and Realtor Remarks allows for 300 characters
  • Add/Edit:  The Print Preview button now opens the new agent report
  • Mobile: reports are now mobile friendly for all property classes when sharing individual results and multiple results

Today’s release also included two important fixes to the geo-coding process in RealTracs:

  • A flaw has been fixed that allows users to geo-code a property without dropping a pin
  • Increases the ‘confidence’ level Bing uses to determine if a property location is accurate

Questions about the new updates or fixes? The RealTracs Helpdesk can be reached via email at or by phone at 615-385-0777.