Stuart White Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Stuart White is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

Stuart White is known throughout the country for his contributions to the Multiple Listing and real estate industries.  He led the establishment of RealTracs Solutions from preparing the formation and empowering documents in 1995-1996 to assembling and developing an exceptional staff, as well as guiding the creation and enhancement of the necessary technological platforms on which the operating system has operated.

“Stuart has been, and continues to be an inspiration to everyone associated with RealTracs Solutions,” said Price Lechleiter, Chairman of the Board.  “That includes not just board leadership and staff, but the area real estate brokers and agents who rely so significantly on the services provided by the MLS. He is also a leader in the MLS community nationally through his service in leadership of several professional associations and work groups. It is virtually impossible to express how fortunate and thankful we are to have him leading RealTracs Solutions as CEO and President.”

Stuart is the only CEO and President there has ever been at RealTracs®. He has led them through a variety of economic times, organizational challenges and major strategic choices. The results have been not just commendable, but exceptional.   His unique leadership approach has established a professional service system and culture considered to one of the best, if not the best in the country.

“Stuart represents the vision, mission and core values of RealTracs by living them, not just promoting them. He led the process by which they were created and provides an example of their application on a daily basis,” said Lechleiter. “It is very difficult to imagine what RealTracs might be like without his leadership. Fortunately, we have benefitted from his involvement for 20 years, and look forward to that continuing into the future.

RealTracs® was the first large MLS in the country to successfully implement a Windows’ browser-based Internet system.  Realtors® in the area were using a DOS-based, dial up system, and they were very uncomfortable being introduced to a mouse and email.  Without Stuart’s leadership the work to develop the system would not have happened, or at a minimum, taken much longer to create.

Stuart is in demand for leadership positions on boards of directors, work groups, advisory groups and others influencing emerging technology or strategic developments affecting MLS and real estate activity. From the National Association of REALTORS to the Council of MLSs, his willing service has helped better choices and decisions be made in those environments.

Lechleiter commented, “Stuart’s calm and steady leadership approach has helped us through transitions covering adjusting to new technology, implementing a new lockbox system, equipping new directors and even preparing new locations, like when we built our building in 2004. He knows that leadership is much more than accomplishing a list of tasks. His ability to establish and maintain relationships serves him, and this organization, very well.”

Lechleiter continued, “I know I speak for all past and present leadership of RealTracs Solutions when I express appreciation to Stuart for his service, and that we anticipate continued benefits for those we exist to serve because of his leadership.”