Linda Mears Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Linda Mears is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

From a youthful General Motors spot-welder to veteran Office and HR Manager, Linda Mears has had a life-long journey of service and growth.  A familiar name in the Middle Tennessee real estate industry, Mears celebrates 20 years of service with RealTracs Solutions®.

“Linda has been through thick and thin with RealTracs®,” said Stuart White, President and CEO of RealTracs®.  “We call her the office ‘Mom’, since she has kept all the Realtors®, directors and staff in line for two decades.”

Mears was one of four staff originally employed by the regional multiple listing service in 1996.  She has experienced the merger of four MLS systems, the waves of the real estate market and business practices, every type of complaint imaginable, every type of employee imaginable, and changes in laws and regulations for small businesses that would make your head spin.

“Through it all, Linda has maintained an integrity, positive outlook and customer focus like none other,” said White.  “She sets a perfect example of one of RealTracs®’ core values. We are committed to serving people – both internally and externally – with the highest standards of business and professional ethics. Even though she often has to address challenging situations, Linda still comes to work with an attitude of service and caring, whether dealing with disgruntled Realtors® or a challenging staff situation.  She knows how to be serious and how to laugh.”

Mears now manages human resource, business-side staff, directors’ support and escalated inquiries from customers.  She participates in the planning and execution of the company’s goals and objectives and provides an important, non-technical, perspective to many initiatives.

RealTracs® would like to acknowledge Mrs. Mears with a sincere “Thank You” for 20 years of service and contribution to the success of RealTracs®.

Pictured L-R are President & CEO, Stuart White; Linda Mears; and Chairman of the Board, Price Lechleiter.