Stacy Dudley Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Stacy Dudley is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

Stacy Dudley is known throughout the country for her contributions to the real estate industry.  With a degree in fashion design from MTSU, Dudley joined the RealTracs® team from a temporary service in 1996.

“While we were trying to figure out how to set up a new business, Stacy came into the office and said ‘I’m here to help’,” said Stuart White, President and CEO with RealTracs Solutions®.  “She was a knight in shining armor at that point, and she has continued to shine ever since that day.”

Dudley has served in every capacity at RealTracs®:  receptionist, lockbox support, rules enforcement, training, customer support to project manager.  Her unique understanding of real estate professionals’ business needs (and personalities) has been the foundation for the success of RealTracs® since 1996.

“Stacy is the face of RealTracs®, meaning she embodies all the company stands for – professionalism, service, support, compassion, forward-thinking, action – all those things that make companies great,” said White. “As a matter of fact, one of our core values is ‘total and unequivocal customer satisfaction.’ Stacy has represented her understanding of that in every role in which she has served on the RealTracs® team. She lives it and has done – and continues to do – an excellent job of leading our organization in this area.”

RealTracs® was the first large MLS in the country to successfully implement a Windows’ browser-based Internet system.  Realtors® in the area were using a DOS-based, dial up system, and they were very uncomfortable being introduced to a mouse and email.  Dudley led the charge in moving area Realtors® into a new era, well before their colleagues across the nation.

In addition, Dudley helped promote the new system across the country in conjunction with RealTracs®’ development partner, MarketLinx Solutions.  With her initial assistance, MarketLinx became the largest MLS software provider in the country.

White remembers, “Our transition was pretty bad, and I told Stacy we just needed to make them [our customers] happy.”  Consequently, Dudley was titled Director of Customer Happiness.  Dudley trained Realtors® and hired additional trainers with two goals in mind – make RealTracs® the best it can be and make our customers successful using its tools.

In recent years, Dudley transitioned into leading the redesign of the RealTracs® system.  With years of suggestions from agents, Dudley successfully completed RealTracs 3.0.  Getting the core system elements in place allows for the ‘wow’ functions to be designed and implemented.

White continues, “Stacy has a foot in both the end-user world and the technical world.  Her ability to understand and communicate with both sides is exceptionally valuable.” RealTracs® would like to acknowledge Mrs. Dudley with a sincere “thank you” for 20 years of service to RealTracs® and the real estate industry.

Pictured L-R are CEO, Stuart White; Stacy Dudley; and Chairman of the Board, Price Lechleiter.