Margaret Johnson Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RealTracs®

Margaret Johnson is one of four RealTracs Solutions® team members recently recognized and celebrated by the RealTracs® Board of Directors for their exceptional leadership and contribution to the company’s success since the first year of its operation, 20 years ago.

Margaret Johnson is a well-known name in the Middle Tennessee real estate community. Hired in May 28, 1996, Johnson has processed thousands of broker applications and agent transfers as Customer Service Coordinator.

When Johnson started with RealTracs® in 1996, there were 3,852 agents and 437 offices; MLS listings were printed and distributed in books; MLS computer access was through a modem and dumb terminal; sales in Middle Tennessee were $3.1B and the Internet was brand new. Over the years, she rode the wave through the growth in the 2000s, the following market slump, and the revitalized market in recent years.

From 1996, Johnson processed all new company applications and transfers that peaked in October 2007 at 12,635 agents in 1,255 offices. During the downturn, she processed all license retirements and office closings, which bottomed at 8,574 agents in 1,166 offices. The resurgence in the Middle Tennessee market now puts the number of agents at 11,835 in 1,298 offices.

Johnson interacts with everyone opening an office, entering the business, retiring their license, and closing their office. And, she does all this with a smile and a desire to help.

“Margaret is one of those people who are core to a successful business. Her heart and attitude are great, and she has a burning desire to help Realtors® establish and continue conducting business without interruption,” said Stuart White, President and CEO of RealTracs Solutions®. “Her contribution has been phenomenal these past 20 years. She exemplifies what we want in a team member. One of our core values is to have strong personal relationships based on trust, teamwork, honesty, respect, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Her ability to demonstrate those qualities in working with our customers over her tenure as a team member is outstanding.”

White continues, “When Margaret is out of the office, everyone appreciates the job she does, and no one can figure out how she does it so efficiently. That’s totally awesome.”

“We recognize the value Ms. Johnson has brought to RealTracs® and the real estate community for 20 years,” said White. “Congratulations and a heart-felt ‘THANK YOU’ for all you have done.”

Pictured from L-R are CEO, Stuart White; Margaret Johnson; and Chairman of the Board, Price Lechleiter.