Keeping Up With New Features as They are Added to RealTracs 3.0

Ever wonder if a new feature is coming to RealTracs 3.0, or if a suggestion has entered the development phase to be added to the system?  You can keep up with both through the two pages linked below (each document can be found in the RealTracs Online Help System as well at

The first link is to a document containing suggestions or user feedback that has been identified and added to the development queue.  While there is not a specific timeline for each item, there is a color code to let you know what stage of development a particular item is in.  Please note however, this is not all of the items we have received, just those that are in the development queue.  We document and track all user submitted suggestions sent to, and that feedback is where we get much of the development list from.

The second link is to a document that chronologically lists the features and fixes that have been added to RealTracs 3.0 since the cut-over, as well as a set of FAQs.

Remember, if you have a suggestion or would like to see something added, send it to  We keep everything that is sent and track each suggestion individually.

User Feedback & Tracking

Features and fixes added by Date