Contractor Code Function Added to the SentriLock Lockbox System

The RealTracs Board of Directors recently approved the addition of Contractor Codes to the SentriLock Lockbox system. Answers to frequently asked questions are below – if you have any technical concerns while setting up contractor codes on your lockboxes, please contact SentriLock technical support at
1-877-736-8745 or visit

What are Contractor Codes?
Contractor codes allow electricians, plumbers, and others to access the lockbox. Due to the permanence of contractor codes, they should only be given to those you trust, as those individuals will have unlimited access to the lockbox until the lock is removed. Additionally, you should check with your principal broker for any active policies regarding the use of Contractor Codes.

How Do I Turn On Contractor Mode Within My Online SentriLock Account?

  1. Renew SentriCard in the Card Reader at the computer regardless if SentriCard is expired or not.
  2. Stick SentriCard in all lockboxes you wish Contractor Codes to be enabled on. This can be for some or all of your lockbox inventory.
  3. Renew SentriCard in the Card Reader at the computer.

Please note: You must first enable Contractor Mode in order to activate the code.

How Do I Enable Contractor Codes on a Lockbox?

  1. Release the shackle of the lockbox and make sure the lockbox is hanging on the property where you want it to be. Push the shackle back into the lockbox.
  2. Reinsert SentriCard into lockbox
  3. Type PIN + ENT
  4. Press FUNC. + 61 + ENT to enable contractor codes.
  5. READY Light should appear when completed correctly.

* Once the shackle is released, the lockbox will automatically revert to default lockbox settings and Contractor Mode will automatically be disabled on the lockbox. You will have to re-enable the code, using the steps outlined in How Do I Enable Contractor Codes on a Lockbox, once the lockbox is hanging on the property.

How do I know where to find the contractor codes to give out?

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Use your SentriLock ID and Password to Login
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on the tab Default Lockbox Settings
  5. Your Contractor Codes will appear on that page.