Guidelines for Non-MLS (Comp Only) Properties

Responsibilities of the MLS Participant:

  • The participant is responsible for entering the information in the RealTracs database, once the permission form has been received from the current buyer.
  • The property must be listed, pended and closed in the MLS database.
  • A copy of the Non-MLS permission form and the H.U.D. must be faxed to 615-385-7872.

RealTracs will correct the list, pend, and closed dates, as well as the listing agent field.

Please Note:

  • The statement “For Comp Purposes Only” must be entered in the Remarks section of the property listing.
  • The Purchase Agreement must be made available to RealTracs upon request.
  • If requested, the participant must produce the documents within 24 hours.
  • Failure to provide requested documentation will result in a $100 fine and removal of the listing from the MLS.

Timeline for Adding a Non-MLS Property to the System

When a request to add a Non-MLS listing is received, the schedule below will be followed:

Date                                                                                                       Charge

Closed Date – Sixty (60) Days After Closing                                  Free
Sixty One (61) Days – One Year After Closing                             $30.00
Listings Over One Year From Closing Date                                      *

Closed Listings over a year old will not be accepted as Non-MLS