Tips For Taking Listing Photos With an iPhone


With the ever increasing quality of mobile phone imaging available, more and more listing agents utilize iPhones for snapping off listing photos for insertion into the MLS.

Sometimes, when images taken on a mobile Apple device (iPhone or iPad) are uploaded to the system, they are orientated on their side or are upside down – if this is the case, odds are they were taken with an iPhone or iPad using iOS5 or newer.

Because the mobile device and some media viewers on your computer show the images in the correct orientation, you might assume the MLS system has in some way manipulated the image.  This is not the result of a system modification of the image, but rather a small and easily fixed quirk of the device itself.

The way to prevent this from happening is fairly simple; when taking pictures, depending on if you’re taking a “portrait” or “landscape” image, make sure the home button is either on the bottom or to the right respectively.   If you take a landscape image, with device held horizontally, and the home button is to the left, near your left hand, this will result in a wrong side up photo – the volume buttons should be facing the ground for the correct orientation.

If you’ve already taken the images, your only recourse is to edit the
images to reorient them, save them on your computer, then re-upload the photos to the listing.

Editing the existing photos can be tricky too, as certain photo editors will show you the image in the correct orientation. The easiest fix for this is to change the
orientation on purpose, clicking whatever button makes the image turn around. Do this until the
image is back to the correct orientation – then save it.

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