Did You Verify the Square Footage?

The listed square footage of a particular property, contained in public records and listing data reports, is sometimes different to varying degrees for a number of reasons.  This could be because of faulty measuring,  or because rooms were finished or added on after the house was built without the owner pulling a permit.  This can also happen simply as a result of the different methods used to measure the square footage.For tax purposes, many municipalities estimate the square footage from a review of the exterior. Most properties are never measured inside by the assessor at all. In Knowing this, you should also make yourself familiar with how square footage is calculated by an appraiser or builder.  They only count livable, heated space.  Also, while closets and hallways are included, don’t forget that garages, attics, unfinished bonus rooms, and sun porches aren’t. Basements can be a little trickier.  Normally basements aren’t included unless they are finished to the standard of the rest of the house.So, remember – if you have an active listing, and discover the square footage amount is wrong, after a new measurement made by yourself or an appraiser or builder, don’t ignore it. Avoid the potential headache and edit the listing to reflect the updated, and correct value.This is one small way you can protect the integrity of the RealTracs data, and help make it as accurate and reliable as possible.

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