Transferring Users Online

A feature is in place enabling office brokers (or those with office broker permissions) to process agent transfers through the RealTracs system.

Office brokers have the ability to transfer a user to a known office through a “Transfer User” function found on the Broker Home Page.  Simply search for the agent you wish to transfer, decide what you would like done with that agent’s listings, and authorize the transfer.

This will generate the initial portion of the request and place it in an outgoing tab or what you might call a “hold” status.

The user will remain active in your office until the office broker of the acquiring company takes action to accept the transfer.

If you receive an email informing you of an incoming agent transfer, click the “Incoming” tab from the Broker page.  Once you click and accept the transfer, all actions regarding that agent’s listings are completed.

If no action is taken by the acquiring office within five days, the agent will go into inactive status.

If the releasing office transfers a user and the acquiring office is not known, the office broker has the option to transfer the agent to inactive status and reassign the listings.  This step cannot be reversed, and can only be changed by RealTracs staff.

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