Important Sentrilock Rule Reminder

Nothing is more important to a homeowner than the safety and security of themselves, their family, and their home. This is why specific rules are in place that determines who is permitted to enter a listing via SentriLock access, and when.

RealTracs recently received verified reports of agents who granted entry access to potential buyers at a listing when a buyer’s agent was not present. It was also reported that outside individuals called listing agents, and misrepresented themselves as an actively licensed appraiser to gain access to a listing, when in fact the license was expired.

Please note, if a SentriCard user grants remote access to a buyer without a buyer’s agent being physically present at the listing, grants access to unverified individuals, loans a property key, or engages in any misuse of the SentriLock lockbox or SentriSmart access system, that SentriCard user can be fined and have SentriLock access permanently revoked.  For full details of the fine schedule for SentriLock violations, please visit

If you have any questions about SentiLock or SentriCard access we encourage you to call RealTracs at 615-385-0777 and speak to a representative.


A New Add/Edit System is Coming

We’re Redecorating Add/Edit Inside and Out
 With a New, More Modern Look and Functionality!

If you are a broker, agent, office-staff person, or personal assistant, and entering listings is part of your daily grind, then you are no stranger to the system updates RealTracs has recently released.

We know you have been asking, and it has been a long time coming, but your wait is about to end.  In response to your feedback and as part of our continuing effort to make adding listings to the MLS as easy as possible – and mobile-friendly – we are rolling out the first piece of a shiny and new add/edit system, appropriately called, Add Listing.

As shown below, the new Add New Listing page (yay!) is replacing the existing add listing page (boo!).   The old add/edit system has been a trooper for many years, but it’s time to send it into retirement and replace it with an entirely new experience.


Here are some of the differences you will notice:

  • Completely fresh and mobile-friendly look and feel
  • Address lookup assistance
  • Tax ID search improvements
  • Wait, did we mention it’s mobile-friendly and not old and crusty?

You can expect to see additional pieces of the new mobile-friendly add/edit system added over the coming weeks and months.

Give it a test drive and let us know what you think!

Getting the Most Out of the SentriKey App

The new SentriKeyTM Real Estate app features a simple design and action-based layout that helps you get things done quickly.

Visit the SentriLock video page for a collection of short tutorials on how to perform key tasks with the app.

Learn how to:

For more information, call the SentriLock Customer Service Team at 877-736-8745, or visit their website at

Closing in on Client Portal

This summer has been a busy season behind the scenes for the RealTracs development team as they continue our work on a RealTracs Client Portal. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see some significant updates coming to Auto Notify. Below is a sneak peek of what’s coming up!

Full Result Set Available for Auto Notify Contacts

If a contact is receiving automatic notifications for new listings, (s)he will now have the ability to view other results that were previously sent. After clicking through the email links, the contact will have the ability to ‘View All Results,’ and see all Auto Notify results that were previously shared. NOTE: This feature will not be immediately available for listings that are Manually Shared from Auto Notify.

View an Activity Feed for Each Result

Each Auto Notify Result will have an Activity Feed, showing the history of that listing in your Auto Notify. The Activity Feed will include the following information for each listing:

    • When the listing was first added to this Auto Notify
    • When it was automatically emailed
    • When it was Saved (starred)
    • When it was manually emailed
    • When and why it was updated (Price, Status, Listing Update, etc.)

Activity History

Highlight New Listings

Each time a listing is added or updated in you Auto Notify Results, it will appear highlighted, similar to an email inbox. You will have the option to mark items as Seen or keep them highlighted (Unseen) to review later. Viewing the listing report will automatically mark it as Seen.


An Easier Way to Schedule an Open House

The Open House Manager is getting a makeover, and we think you are going to love the new setup.  A cleaner and easier-to-use interface is just part of the improvements.

  • Choose between Public and Realtor Open House types
  • Set if you would like the open house to be a weekly recurring event
  • Select your start and end time with easy-to-use dropdown


Here’s how:

  1. Select Open House from the available options for the listing you wish to set up.OH-create
  2. Choose your open house type (Public or Realtor), the time it will be held, and add any comments.  If the open house is a recurring event, e.g. a model home, check Recurs Weekly. Click Save to schedule your Open House.
  3. Scheduled Open Houses will appear in the Open Houses section of Manage Listings.  Select More Options () to either edit the details of your Open House or cancel it altogether.OH-manage

Users can search for upcoming open houses as well as viewing details in the top section of the full report.2019-07-15_16-06-01

Clicking More Info displays the information below:

Questions about the new mobile-friendly Open House Manager?  Be sure to contact our Support staff via an online chat, email, or by phone.