Instant Auto-Notification is HERE!

Instant gratification?  Good.  Instant coffee?  Bad.
Instant listing notification? GREAT!

shutterstock_1059073073That’s right!  RealTracs has upgraded the Auto-Notification system from hourly to INSTANT notification.  The market moves fast, and now you can run right along with it.

OK, after you finish celebrating the news, there is one essential thing to remember with instant notifications.

Emails are sent immediately after a listing is saved as Active-Showing, so it is crucial you get all the details of your listing correct such as accurate listing information, photos, and documents.

Here’s a helpful tip: Save your listing first as Incomplete after it is entirely ready to go.  This ensures you can review and edit the details before saving as Active.

Other Auto-Notify details:

  • The Morning option runs at 5:00 a.m.
  • The Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon notification options were combined and are now the Afternoon notification option which will run at noon.
  • The Evening notification option runs at 6:00 p.m.
  • Multiple Selections are permitted for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening notification options only
  • Instant notification will be sent with New and Back to Active Listings, Price Changes, and Status Changes.


Did you know?

10% of listings are edited in the first five minutes after going Active-Showing, and 20% receive edits in the first hour!  Be sure to double and triple check that all listing information is accurate before saving as Active!


Lots of REALTORS work with a professional photographer on a regular basis for their listing photos, and why wouldn’t they?  Just like consumers trust REALTORS to guide them through the home-buying process, many real estate professionals trust the ‘photo experts’ to guide them through the intricacies of getting just the right photos for their listings.


There are many questions to ask a potential photographer such as the type of equipment used, what kinds of shots will be taken, and much more.  However, one of the most overlooked questions is potentially the most important.

Who owns the photos?

When you ask the photographer this question the answer should always be a resounding YES.  Not only should you own them, but there should also be no restrictions or limits on the photos.  Just like your latest real estate transaction, the key is to get everything in writing.

Be sure you receive a written release and save it with the other paperwork for that particular listing.  Your time is valuable; the last thing you want to get involved in is a legal fight over who owns the listing photos.  Be sure to check out NAR’s resources for sample work for hire, assignment, and exclusive license agreements available for your use.

This article is adapted in part from Inman News and was initially contributed by Laura Ure, CEO of Keenability, a full-service marketing agency specializing in lifestyle and creative real estate marketing.  View her full bio and other articles at

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Not Making Changes Just for the Sake of Change

Have you ever observed RealTracs make a change to something small, and you were left scratching your head? Did you ask “why,” or “how does this affect me?” If so, you shutterstock_599090141were probably not alone, and it is certainly worth further explanation.

As you can imagine, there is an enormous amount of data, which brokers authorize RealTracs to send on their behalf, to hundreds of website providers, back-office tool providers, showing services, statistical companies, advertisers, and more. Not only do all these vendors receive data from RealTracs, but they also get listing information from other MLSs, literally from coast-to-coast.

That’s a lot of data.

Not only that, but it has to be understood by everyone to make it worth sending. This is where the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary comes in. The RESO data dictionary is the “Rosetta Stone” for listing information. It ensures that technologists, MLSs, and vendors all speak the same language on how to describe your listing data. Why does this matter? Because it saves you time and money!

Historically, real estate technology vendors had to onboard different sets of data from multiple MLSs with different rules and different meanings and…well, you can see how time-consuming and expensive that would be when repeated for 700+ MLSs across the


Doug Powers

country. With platinum data dictionary compliant MLSs – like RealTracs – the vendor knows that a listing in Tennessee will be described the same as it would be anywhere else. RealTracs’ Chief Technology Officer, Doug Powers, the force behind RealTracs’ RESO certification, said it best. “Every market is different, but we all have bedrooms and bathrooms. Where we can agree to a standard, we can simplify the organization, delivery, and presentation of data for the products and brokers that transcend markets.”

You will soon see the latest example of this type of data field update with how sewer is described in add/edit. There will be selections for a public or private sewer, septic tank, and Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (STEP) system.  As RealTracs moves toward 100% RESO compliant data fields, you will see more data field updates over time, and helpful information will be posted in the RealTracs Help Pages under Add/Edit: Data Dictionary. The page explaining available sewer fields can be viewed here.

If you have questions about these changes or anything else, do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff via an online chat, email, or by phone.


BRENTWOOD, TN, April 10, 2018 — The MLS Grid, of which RealTracs Inc. is a founding member, has officially launched in its first market. Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), which services the Chicagoland area, was selected as the first organization to receive MLS Grid service. Carolina MLS in Charlotte, NC and then RealTracs will soon folloMLS Grid Logo (1)w, along with other markets as part of a nationwide effort to make MLS listing data more readily available.  The MLS Grid platform removes barriers related to accessing multiple listing service data for real estate brokers and their vendors by providing a consolidated source of IDX and VOW information with a single, universal license agreement.

The MLS Grid was founded in 2016 as a cooperative venture between eight MLS organizations. Today, this network has grown to include ten large MLSs, providing service to more than 200,000 real estate practitioners throughout the country. The current MLS Grid network comprises Austin MLS (Texas), Carolina MLS (North andSouth Carolina), Heartland MLS (Kansas City), MARIS (St. Louis), MIBOR (Indianapolis), MRED (Chicagoland), MyFloridaRegional MLS (Central Florida), Northstar MLS (Minnesota), Northwest MLS (Seattle), and RealTracs (Tennessee).

“RealTracs, which serves brokers in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern


Stuart White

Alabama, is one of the founding members of MLS Grid and is excited to announce the launch of this exciting and collaborative effort,” said RealTracs President & CEO Stuart White.


The MLS Grid compiles data directly from MLSs to create the single data feed, unifying compliance, display, and usage standards to ease the distribution process for all involved.

“This is an immensely exciting day for the real estate industry,” said MLS Grid CEO Joseph Szurgyi. “We’re tearing down all the roadblocks that once stood in the way of data access and efficiency.”


In addition to, and in support of, MLS Grid, RealTracs is also pleased to announce their Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) data dictionary Platinum RESO_Certified_Platinum_RGBCertification. The Data Dictionary serves as the real estate industry’s “Rosetta Stone” for real estate data and ensures technology providers will be able to interpret the data the same way regardless of the MLS from which it is procured.


Doug Powers

RealTracs Chief Technology Officer, Doug Powers, the force behind RealTracs’ RESO certification, echoed that statement.  “Every market is different, but we all have bedrooms and bathrooms.  Where we can agree to a standard, we can simplify the organization, delivery, and presentation of data for the products and brokers that transcend markets.”  So, in true Nashville, Music City style, what better way to mark the occasion than our very own RealTracs/RESO inspired record?



The MLS Grid is an MLS-owned company that provides a unified data platform based on RESO Standards as well as a single license agreement, all for the benefit of brokers. The MLS Grid is currently comprised of ten large MLSs across the USA that jointly represents more than 200,000 subscribers. Members include Austin MLS (Texas), Carolina MLS (North and South Carolina), Heartland MLS (Kansas City), MARIS (St. Louis), MIBOR (Indianapolis), MRED (Chicagoland), MyFloridaRegional MLS (Northern Florida), Northstar MLS (Minnesota), Northwest MLS (Seattle), and Realtracs (Tennessee). For more information visit


RealTracs was established in 1996 and is owned by seven REALTOR® associations.  RealTracs provides multiple listing service, data aggregation, training, and support in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama for more than 13,500 users in over 1,400 offices.  RealTracs is dedicated to the delivery of quality products and services to its customers, both internal and external, through a system of core values that are the basis for every decision and standard of service throughout the organization.


RoundTable Members Unite to Move the Industry Forward

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA  [April 3, 2018] – The eight members of the MLS RoundTable (MLSRT), whose multiple listing services represent approximately 325,000 real estate professionals, have come with a four-step plan to move the MLS industry forward.

The agreement comes only two months after representatives from 22 of the nation’s largest MLSs gathered in Huntington Beach, Calif. to discuss future strategies following the MLS 2020 Agenda study released in September 2017. The MLS 2020 Agenda stated that MLSs are critical to the real estate industry, but that much of their structure and technology is inefficient and outdated.

“The Agenda ignited an industry-wide discussion, and the MLSRT members have agreed to step up and lead by example,” said David Charron, Chief Strategy Officer of Bright MLS, one of the three largest MLSs in the country. “The members of the MLSRT are committed to creating the next generation of MLS platforms,” said Art Carter, CEO of the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS), also one of the three largest MLSs in the U.S.

Step one for MLSRT members is adopting the RESO platform. The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) was created in 2002 as an independent, not-for-profit trade organization to promote the adoption and utilization of standards. “MLSRT members are steadfast in their drive toward adopting the RESO data dictionary and becoming RESO Platinum-certified,” said Tom Phillips, CEO of Bright MLS.

Step two, according to the MLSRT, is to end Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) accounts. “It’s also time to do away with the RETS servers,” said Carter. “Most MLSRT members are moving toward attaining Platinum certification in the web API. Once in place, the intent is to give out only Platinum feeds.”

For step three, MLSRT members have decided to endorse the MLS Grid, a single-data point of access for MLSs and brokers. “We need to agree to certain platforms, so we are all adopting this standardized point of data access and management,” said Rebecca Jensen, CEO of Chicago-based Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED). “A national platform delivered locally,” echoes Stuart White, CEO of RealTracs.

“MLS organizations are now moving forward deliberately and purposefully. Most MLSRT members estimate they will have completed the first two steps by September of this year, the third by year-end, and all four by 2019,” said Charron, who also serves as spokesperson for MLSRT. “By then, they will have established a common IDX feed and will work towards step four: a consolidated backend, a common data repository, and a front end of choice.”

“We applaud the initiatives that are being taken by MLS organizations across the country, and specifically the strong commitment by the large MLS companies in the MLSRT,” said Stefan Swanepoel, author of the MLS 2020 Agenda study and facilitator of the MLSRT. “MLSs can remain relevant if they innovate and lead the transformation of the multiple listing services offered to real estate professionals.”


 About the MLS RoundTable (MLSRT):

The MLS RoundTable is a consortium of seven of the largest MLS organizations in the country and collectively serves some 325,000 real estate brokers and agents:

·         Bright MLS – 85,000+ subscribers (represented by Tom Phillips, CEO and                    David Charron, CSO)

·         CRMLS – 86,000+ subscribers (represented by Art Carter, CEO)

·         CarolinaMLS – 15,000+ subscribers (represented by AnneMarie DeCatsye,                  CEO)

·         MLS PIN – 35,000+ subscribers (represented by Kathy Condon, CEO)

·         MRED – 43,000+ subscribers (represented by Rebecca Jensen, CEO)

·         NorthstarMLS – 18,000+ subscribers (represented by John Mosey, CEO)

·         NWMLS – 30,000+ subscribers (represented by Tom Hurdelbrink, CEO)

·         RealTracs – 13,000+ subscribers (represented by Stuart White, CEO)

More information at

About T3 Sixty:

T3 Sixty is the leading management consultancy dedicated to the residential real estate brokerage industry. The company has helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses by providing quality research and implementing best-in-class solutions. T3 Sixty, enabling intelligent change since 1998. More information at

RealTracs Partners With Tennessee Kids Belong

RealTracs has embraced Tennessee Kids Belong as its official charity, and is dedicated to raising awareness, fundraising, and support work.

You can help the Tennessee Kids Belong non-profit vision of giving children in foster care a face and a voice as well. Visit their website at today to find out more, and how you can help one of the over 6,000 children in foster care in Tennessee.


Some facts:

  • There are well over 6,000 children in Tennessee’s foster care system.
  • More than 6,000 have the goal of being reunited with their birth family and need a loving foster family while they wait.
  • 350 are legally-free for adoption and are waiting for a forever family.

Did you know?

  • Every year, 26,000 children in U.S. foster care age out of the system at 18 (or 21 in some states) with little or no support.

  • Less than half will have graduated from high school

  • 1 in 4 will be in trouble with the law within just two years of aging out

  • Nearly 2/3 of the girls will be pregnant by age 21

  • 1 in 4 will experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in their lifetime (more than twice the rate of  U.S. Veterans of War)

  • 1 in 5 will become homeless

  • All have an exponentially higher risk of becoming a victim of human trafficking